What kind of citizen service will be provided through e-governance?

The internet has taken over every aspect of the global community. From grocery shopping to stock markets, online education to journals publication, films and music to cooking videos, there is nothing on the internet you won’t access. The same can be said for government involvement with the public through its e-governance services. 

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E-governance refers to the government administration using technological communications services to tend to the public. It provides convenient communications between the government and the public.

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Types of E-Governance

The four types of e-governance include the digital interactions between:

  • Citizen and their government (C2G), examples include e-Visa, education or transport-related services, cybercrime reporting, etc. 
  • Government and other government agencies (G2G), refers to a transfer of data and information between two government agencies with mutual interest to serve the public
  • The Government and businesses (G2B), include government procurement, electronic auctions, updating corporate information, etc. 
  • Government and employees (G2E), which can be e-training, e-payroll, filing of tax returns, etc.

Objectives of E-Governance

The main objective of e-governance is to satisfactorily fulfill the citizens’ needs, rights, and expectations. It also includes facilitating an effective and smooth process for performing all government administrative activities. Moreover, the e-governance system also aims to establish transparency and accountability through its processes. 

Why E-Governance?

There are some things that will be made possible for the government to do through its e-governance services:

  • Handling government matters is expensive but the e-governance system has very effective solutions for such problems. It can reduce costs and carry out the effective use of government finances towards the public’s interest. 
  • Governing can be an inconvenience, but e-governance services can help increase the participation rate by encouraging citizens to reach out to their government more easily. Citizens can send feedback more conveniently to their government through e-governance services, and also be able to view accountability from the government’s ends. 
  • For the first time, through e-governance services, the government will be able to provide transparency in all its governmental activities to the public. This can provide a stronger and improved relationship between the government and the public. 

Features of E-Governance

E-governance has proved to be the strongest tool for public service, and below are given a few reasons why:

  • E-services.  The main purpose of e-governance is to tend to public services through electronic means. These public services are referred to as G2C, G2G, G2B, and G2E as already discussed above.
  • De Bureaucratization. it refers to lessening the gap between people and the government by transferring power to non-governmental agencies or people’s organizations, etc. It greatly reduces the dependence of people on bureaucracy. 
  • Economic Development. Due to e-governance services, all information regarding import and export, companies’ registration, investment, etc. is made available for anyone to access. This results in increases in the economic dynamic.
  • Reduces Inequality. E-governance services provide equal services to all classes of people, whether rich or poor. Knowledge is power in this globalized world, and e-governance will empower all citizens by providing them relevant information, along with minimizing time, effort, and cost.
  • International Services. Citizens who are living abroad can also reach out to their government through e-governance services. Their issues can be related to visas, job purposes, etc.

Advantages of E-Governance

Keeping its positive and beneficial features in mind, Because the following are the advantages that the public get to enjoy with e-governance services:

  • It can provide improved and efficient delivery of government services to the public
  • Citizens can enjoy increased transparency of the government administration
  • Businesses and industries can have improved communication channels with the government about their services
  • It also results in reduced paperwork and better planning and coordination between different levels of the government
  • There is also a possibility of revenue growth

Hence, e-governance services can provide greater convenience to citizens and businesses alike.

Along with having updated their system and improved involvement with the public, the government also aims to make access to the internet easier for them. But During the coronavirus pandemic. But it came to light that having the internet was no longer a luxury, but an essential that everyone must have. For that purpose, the US government introduced the Emergency Broadband Benefit, now called the Affordable Connectivity Program effective December 31, 2021. Through this program, eligible citizens would receive $50 off from any of the internet services they need. For instance, if you want to get Xfinity services, you can choose from a range of Xfinity internet plans and have $50 off from your internet bill. That way, citizens will be able to afford and access the internet. Hence, along with available internet services, the government expects the public to reach out to them about any matter through e-governance services. 


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