Get Latest Windows 10 For Free in 2023 | Easy Official Method

Windows operating system is dominating the world over decades because it is quite easy and powerful to use. And Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015 and it is a major upgrade and it’s free to update until 2017. But there are some ways to still get Windows 10 latest update for free with legal method in 2023.

Even though the legal method doesn’t work for some people that’s why I’m also providing additional method to get latest Windows 10 for free.

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Legal Official Methods

First, we go through the official methods of getting windows 10 for free in 2023. And this is the best way to install the original windows 10 from the official Microsoft itself.

Using Windows 7, 8, 8.1 key

If you already bought a Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 you can actually use the same product key to activate your windows 10.

Just use the windows 10 update tool. Because it’s simple and easy to upgrade to windows 10 without destroying any data in your PC.

windows 7 product key


  • Connect your pc or laptop to the internet and it will automatically popup windows 10 upgrade utility and you can click upgrade to windows 10 and the process will automatically start.
  • Or you can manually download Windows update assistant and use the same process which mentioned above.
  • When you completed installation of Windows 10 it will ask you for the product key to activate windows. Just disconnect the internet and click skip for now.
  • And finally you booted into the Windows 10 just go to the Settings > Update & security > Activation and there you can use your windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 key to activate.

For some reason, Microsoft servers can still activate your license since you already bought the windows product from them.

Download Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft

Yes it’s true, you can actually download the official version of latest Windows 10 from Microsoft.

Microsoft lets people to try their stuff without actually purchasing it and this can be helpful for some people because some people just use their pc or laptop occasionally. For those, you can actually use the windows 10 for literally free without activating it.


  • Just visit the site below to download the official version of Windows 10 ISO.
  • And then go to the site and select the Windows 10 edition and language and hit confirm.

windows 10 iso

  • Now you can choose 64bit or 32bit version of Windows 10 and it will start download the official version of latest Windows 10 ISO.

get free windows 10 latest version for free

  • Then you can use that iso to install windows 10 manually on your pc or laptop.

Download Official Windows 10 ISO

NOTE: This version of windows 10 is not activated and you have to purchase license key to activate it, but you can use the pc without any problem with some limitations. But for most people that limitations doesn’t matter.

Also, you can just google windows 10 free product keys and believe me some of them actually works. Or you can use KMSpico to activate windows 10 for free. See now you got the official windows 10 from the Microsoft without paying any penny.

Tricky Methods to get free Windows 10

These are some non-official way of getting windows 10 for free. And trust me many people uses pirated windows over the years and years.

By using these methods doesn’t mean you are criminal, but hey free comes with consequences right, which means using these methods will give you less security. But hey who concerns about security while using cracked or pirated things unless you know what you are doing.

Pirated Windows 10

There are plenty of cracked or pirated windows versions are available to download for free in the torrent. And guess what most people are using this kinda version for years and years and even myself.

Technology got better and better and nowadays there’s a new way of activating the windows is “Digital License” that helps providing the os pre-activated.

pirated windows 10 for free

All you need to do is just download the latest copy of pirated Windows 10 from the torrent and most of them are pre-activated so you don’t need anything to worry.

You can also use one of my favorite tricks to convert pirated windows to official windows.

  • Just download the Windows 7 pre activated pirated copy from the torrent and install it on your pc or lap.
  • And then you can just use the windows 10 update utility to update your system and guess what the update will think that you are a genuine user and it erases all the malware that comes with that pirated windows 7. Pretty cool right.

Some of the famous torrent sites are

  • Kickass
  • 1337x
  • Piratebay

Also, you can use any meta torrent searches that will provide better results. And I always use the Kickass to download since it’s faster and has more products.

Changing Date Trick

For a while this topic is so popular in the reddit community and yes it really works for some people but I haven’t tried this trick yet.

Windows ends the free upgrade offer to Windows 10 in July 29 2016. Until then it’s completely free to upgrade to windows 10.
clock trick to get free windows 10

For some reason you should still use this method to upgrade by just changing the date to July 28 2016 from the settings. After changing this date just restart your computer and connect it to the internet and the window may prompt you to upgrade to Windows 10 if you are lucky.

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These are the best ways to get latest Windows 10 for free in 2023 so far. And I hope you guys now have a clear mind to which to choose and remember guys if one method fails just try another method.


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