FREE Windows VPS From apponfly | 30 Days Free Trial

Apponfly is a Pro Windows Apps Provider in 30 seconds Get instant access to your favorite Windows apps from Mac, Android, iOS or Windows. Which can be used As a Free Windows VPS. Getting Free VPS nowadays is very difficult without Credit card or Free VCC. We will Discuss with great Free windows VPS provider from Apponfly.

They first had the idea to deliver apps from the cloud way back in 2005 (light years in tech years!) and have been perfecting their platform for doing this ever since. The AppOnFly platform is now capable of delivering an ever-increasing choice of professional Windows apps from the cloud, within just a few seconds. You can see what all the fuss is about (and sign up for a free trial) here.

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Steps To Get Free Windows Vps 2016:

Step1: For getting free VPS from AppOnFly is simple within 30 seconds, You have to just visit the website that we have mentioned below.


Step2: After visiting the website you might see many options as mentioned in the below picture. But you need a free VPS From AppOnFly. So, Now Scroll down And click on Google Chrome or any other Application which Required For Your Usage.

Free Windows Vps

Step3: Now Click Try Free For One Month. Doesn’t Need any working credit card or any details to verify. With only mail address or with any Facebook account can able to access apponfly free windows VPS.

Step4: Enter Your Mail Id and Click Start free trail with Apponfly to create a new account with the defined website.

Step5: Now a Popup will configure Ur new Rdp and use can use this vps free

Step6: You can use only Google Chrome Setup With this free vps.

Update: Now they have also added more browser support with apponfly. You can use two other browser with their server. Mozilla Thunderbird and Apache Openoffice can be also accessed Free.

apponfly google chrome

Step7: IP Is From “Czech Republic”   You Can’t Install Any Software

If Above vps not satisfy your Needs Dont forget check our other free Vps Tricks .Comment Below If u have any issues.

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