7 Best Writing Apps For Students

Writing plays a big part in every student’s life. They often have writing assignments that require a certain level of storytelling, vocabulary, and language skills that every student needs to develop throughout their academic education.

Going through college and school, the writing assignments from teachers to students are usually in the form of an essay, which is a long narrative on a specific topic in a specific format, based on analysis and evidence. Students are loaded with writing assignments that fit the requirements of every teacher, so usually, they end up taking a course or a lesson class that will help them develop writing skills.

7 Best Writing Apps For Students

No wonder students are looking for ways to facilitate their writing. Various apps and services come in handy if you need an essay in the shortest amount of time. Finding a reliable essay writing service with affordable prices might be a hard task for students, plus they might want to keep a personal touch in their assignments. It might be a good choice then to prepare a rough draft on their own. And here’s a list of best writing apps that can help with doing that.

1. Writer Plus

Writer Plus is known as the leader among students out there. It is a perfect tool for writing lyrics, notes, novels, essays, poems, drafts, etc. The app can be used on both phones and tablets, and what’s more important, the user interface is pretty straightforward to use.

This app allows the user to easily edit, save and open the text file and automatically creates a folder for the saved work. It supports a Bluetooth keyboard and offers many keyboard shortcuts to make the writing process easier. Also, it has a character and word counter that helps the writers stay in control.

It also includes a night mode as well as right to left writing support. But the most useful thing about this app is the fact that it enables writing not just in English but in several other languages, including German, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Russian. Overall, Writer Plus is a stable, high-performance, and robust free app.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is the best app for any kind of writing but it can also be used as a plagiarism checker to ensure that your writing is original. So, the fact that it’s one of the most loved and favored apps as well as the most used app on our list is nothing strange.

It offers real-time writing feedback in order to ensure you instantly that your writing is ready to go. And the keyboard that comes from Grammarly unanimously corrects all writing or spelling mistakes in between all your apps. It also offers a document editor and personal system-generated writing statistic that helps the writers to take their writings to the next level. Grammarly can also be used for long documents because it provides multi-word text predictions.

3. Pro Writing Aid

If you were wondering how to make writing fun, Pro writing aid has the answer. Pro Writing Aid is a smart writing app. It features a space for writing, a dedicated style editor, a writing suggestions generator, and a grammar checker that checks the spelling of the capital alphabet and the hyphen usage.

So It removes all types of language issues making your writing error-free. It offers some system-generated suggestions to improve the readability of the text. Marking the overused words allowing you to change them with synonyms. It eliminates abstract, complex, and vague words from the writing and can also be used as a plagiarism checker.

4. Simplenote

Simplenote is a writing app that can be used for writing articles, blogs, or essays. Getting this app is a valuable life hack because it offers writers to take notes, create their to-do lists and export their work into many devices and applications. The app is easy to use because it helps you stay organized. You can even insert colored tags to ensure quick searching or to sort ideas at a later stage.

It backs up and saves everything so you will never lose your precious data. It automatically syncs your data on every phone, tablet, or computer where your account is opened. Still, it also offers a feature that allows you to copy a link of the content or share it directly to the web. You can even share it directly on WordPress. Simplenote is known as the safest writing app, and the best part is that it is free.

5. Jotterpad

Jotterpad is a writing app available both for Mac and Android platforms that ensures writing novels, essays, poems, drafts, etc.

It includes features like phrase search, extended keyboard, dark theme, word count, snapshots, typewriter scrolling, markdown, and many more. It also has several typefaces that users can include and a typography customization option. Jotter Pad app can be used offline, and it allows the users to edit and write their texts in Cloud. The app includes a built-in dictionary that helps writers easily find definitions of specific words and offers them to save the text in PDF format so they can easily print it.

6. Libre Office Writer

Libre Office Writer is an app for writings that have an Open Document Format. It is a document editor and reader. It supports document modifications, and it allows its users to open files created within different apps like Open Office, Google Drive, Gmail, One Drive, iCloud, Box.net, Next Cloud, and others. So It offers features such as fixing typing issues, adding and removing sentences, allowing you to highlight keywords, etc. The app can be used both offline and online, and it offers a free version but also a premium one that comes at a low price.

7. Writco

Writco is a holistic writing app that is easy for writing, reading, publishing, and sharing writings. This app enables copyright for the content and offers some fun contests where the writers can win certifications, cash prizes, and accolades. Writco features a customizable wallpaper and allows you to search content created from writers worldwide. It is a Multilingual app and supports languages such as English, Gujarati, French, Marathi, Hindi, German, and many more. You can get this app for free, but they also offer a premium version.


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