5 Best Mac Disk Cleaner Apps | Free

Every PC should be clean and fast enough to perform well that’s what every PC users wish. Most of the people used to reboot their pc to get clean and fast especially Mac users. By rebooting their PC, it’s highly possible to lose some files which are important to you. Here are some best Mac Disk cleaner apps for free.

Best Mac Disk Cleaner apps

Reboot your mac device is a good thing either you can use a disk cleaner that helps your device to perform fast. Disk cleaner software is available for all types of operating system In those cases we gonna discuss to you about the best mac disk cleaner applications.

Disk Cleaner

It is a type of software or application that helps you to clean up your disk. It will clean unwanted applications and your internet cache, cookies, and Recycle bin. This will make your job easier and keep your device clean and secure.

How to Use Disk Cleaner?

It is very easy to use, there are lots of Disk cleaner available in the market, it may vary the procedure to clean disk. Most of the disk cleaner has the same procedure, just go the disk cleaner software and select the items which would you like to clean then click on the clean option then it will clean up your disk.

Now let’s discuss the best free mac disk cleaner apps. Also, check our other article which is below.

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Best Mac Disk Cleaner Apps

There are lots of disk cleaner apps for mac available in the market among those we gonna show you the best mack disk cleaner. Just follow the below article without skipping anything.

1. Disk Drill

disk drill

Disk Drill is the best application and it is very popular. It is a type of data recovery application but also it has a feature of disk cleaning which helps to clean your disk. This will find all your unwanted files, junk files, and unused files then it will remove those files without putting any effort.

The most interesting thing in this application, it will monitor your device storage and it offers an alert.

Additional Features

  • You can recover data by using this application.
  • It offers lifetime upgrades for the pro version.
  • Also, you can use this application without spending any cost.

Just click the below link to download the Disk Drill application.


2. OnyX


This is another best Mac cleaner and it is a multifunction utility that helps to verify the files and folders of Mac. This software is special to run miscellaneous maintenance, cleaning tasks. This will configure some of the apps like safari, etc., which is present in the Mac.

Additional Features

  • It will delete all unwanted files, cookies, and caches.
  • This is totally ad-free software.
  • No cost required to install OnyX on your Mac.
  • It is available in many languages.

Just click the below link to download the latest version of the OnyX.


3. Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory is another great application to manage your Mac disk usage which enriches in showing the size of folder or files. The coolest thing in Disk Inventory X, it has a great user interface and colorful graphical representation that makes clear while using this application.

Each and every file is color-coded which is useful to identify the space of a particular type of file occupies.

Additional Features

  • A simple disk selector helps to expand to a larger window.
  • It’s a completely free application.

If you want to download this application, just click the below link,


4. CleanMyMacX


CleanMyMacX is the best disk cleaner tool and it is very popular. It cleans Junk files which is available in your Mac and makes your Mac devices run faster. Actually this application is a replacement for many optimization tools.

Additional Features

  • It can be a malware cleaner.
  • It will increase your Mac device life.
  • This application is totally free to use.
  • You can clear the large hidden files in your Mac.

If you want to download this application, Just click the below link.


5. Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is one of the best application in the market. By using this application you can remove tons of unwanted files in your Mac devices. It will scan over the application cache, mail downloads, Browser Data, etc. Especially this application will identify if you have over 100 MB.

This app has a cool user interface by using one click you can clear all unwanted files and makes your Mac device as faster.

Additional Features

  • You can clear the unwanted larger files without any issues.
  • This application is absolutely free.
  • The user interface is good and easy to use.

If you want to download this application then click the below link.


Final Verdict

The above applications are the best Mac disk cleaner and it has many additional features that help to do multiple processes. If you have been searching for the best disk cleaner for Mac then try out one of the above applications.

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