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Catching your loved one cheating on you can be a really heartbreaking thing. I found out that my best friend caught his girlfriend cheating on him, and I was worried about the same. So, I decided to find out the truth about my relationship as well.


I started looking for ways to hack a person’s phone. I wanted to check her messages, her location, and also all of her multimedia files. After thorough research, I was able to find the perfect application.

Let me tell you about Minspy, the tool that allows mobile location track without letting them know about it. You will be able to spy on your partner or kids in a completely secure and discreet manner.

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Part 1: How Is It Possible To Hack A Person’s Location?

I was not so sure if I would actually be able to check my girlfriend’s location. Well, I don’t have any technical skills. So, certainly hard hacking the device was out of the question!

This particular tool allows you to check out the person’s location at any point in time. Moreover, you will be able to do so from any location and in a remote manner. Along with location tracking, the app also allows a number of other features.

Let me tell you all about Minspy and its state-of-the-art features and technology.

1.1 Minspy: The Ideal Application To Track A Person’s Location

Minspy has been the king of the phone surveillance industry for quite some time. It is being used by a lot of users around the world. Moreover, Minspy works on both Android and iOS devices. So, you can check the location and do much more with this tool.

With Minspy, you are guaranteed safe and secure hacking. In fact, some of the top reviewers such as CNET, PCMag, etc. have all had positive reviews about this hacking solution.

With more than 35 features, this tool allows safe hacking in a discrete manner. There is no chance that the target user will find out about the hack. Let me tell you all about this hacking solution and its features.

1.2 What Makes Minspy The Best App?

There are a number of phone hacking solutions out there in the market, but only a few provide the perks and functionalities of Minspy. Here are a few of the best features of this application.

Location Tracking

Minspy works in stealth mode, and it allows you to get the live location of the target device. You can check the location at any time and from anywhere. You will get the exact GPS coordinates of the target device.


With Minspy, you can also keep a check on the area of the target user. Basically, you can set a boundary for the target device. As soon as the target user steps outside that boundary, you will be notified.

Minspy Geo-fence

This particular feature is a highly useful one to have, and it allows you to be aware of the person’s whereabouts without keeping a constant check.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking

One of the best perks of Minspy is that it works on both Android and iOS devices. But it’s not just about that! The application does not require the users to root or jailbreak the device.

Rooting and jailbreaking require technical knowledge, and it’s not simple to achieve the same. Moreover, it also hampers the security patch, and the target user will easily find out about the hack in that case.

Remote Hacking

Minspy does not require you to be close to the target user. You check all the activity and the location from anywhere. There is a web-based dashboard where you will find all the features and tools.

So, you don’t have to worry about downloading any application on your device. Moreover, the discrete hacking of this tool makes it really convenient to keep a constant check without any worries.

Other Perks

It will be quite difficult to mention all the 35 features of the Minspy application. I really loved the social media monitoring services of this tool, though. I was able to keep a check on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

Minspy also allows you to access multimedia files, contacts, call logs, and messages. So, you will get all the data, be it messages or pictures with the help of Minspy’s amazing technology.

1.3 How To Setup Minspy?

Even setting up this hacking tool is really simple. Let me explain to you through a step-by-step guide as to how you can set up Minspy on an Android and iOS device.

Step 1: Visit the Minspy website and make an account for yourself. You will have to select the target OS and also the suitable plan as per your needs.

Step 2: If you are hacking an iPhone, you won’t need physical access to the device. You can set up Minspy with just the iCloud credentials of the user. So, once you enter the iCloud credentials, hit ‘Start,’ and the tool’s servers will do the rest.

Verify iCloud ID

If you’re looking to set up Minspy for an Android device, you will have to download an application on the target device. The third-party app is just 2MB in size, and it will take a few minutes to download.

Finish Minspy Setup

Later, you can hide the application and uninstall it remotely as well.

Step 3: Now, you have access to the target device. With the dashboard on the website, you can access all the features and spy on the target device without any hassles.

Minspy Dashboard

Final Verdict

Minspy is one of the popular and well-known names when it comes to phone hacking and monitoring. The tool allows you to keep a constant check on the person’s location and also monitor all the activities.

With the help of Minspy, I was able to find out the truth about my relationship. You can also use the cutting-edge technology of this tool to spy on your partner and kids from any location and at any time.

Check out Minspy’s site to go through a free demo of the entire process!


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