How To Contact Amazon Customer Service With Amazon Live Chat

Amazon provides live chat help only for people who have their account. Plus, you have to go through some steps in which you will be asked Pre-contact questions to contact them. They limit the access to chat probably because they want to lower the number of irrelevant chats and as they are a big company, they would need an army of agents to deal with all the queries.

contact with amazon live chat

Amazon does use live chat for service – it just isn’t an option you see until you are logged in and give them a few details about what is wrong (and they don’t offer chat for everything).

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Contact Amazon Customer Service With Amazon Live Chat

There are many reasons to contact amazon chat section. While trying to access your order detail, Delayed in order, issues with delivered orders etc. So below are the procedure to access amazon chat section.

1. Go to Amazon’s contact page.

2. You must Login to access amazon live chat , To reduce spam chat you should login with your amazon account.

3. Select what you need help with (orders, topics). Basically provide as much information as possible.

amazon live chat

4. New options will appear that you can use to contact Amazon (email, phone, and chat). Click on ‘chat’ and a window will pop up where you can chat with Amazon’s customer service.

amazon customer service amazon live chat

There is also other option to contact amazon with Phone call. Just select your language and click Phone, you will provide a dialog box to enter your number. After providing your number and clicking OK . Automatic call will be made to your number.

For contacting Amazon directly Call : 1800 3000 9009

From the above methods you can contact amazon for any queries regarding your delivery and order details. If you have any issues in contacting amazon service Don’t forget to comment below. For more updates Follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to Mail list.


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  2. I just get an option to contact seller. I don’t see any way to contact AMAZON. Why isn’t there an easy “Contact Us” button on the website?

  3. Mixers oilne kya tha 14-04-19 Ko netbeking se pemant bhi kya par order nhi huya or 499 rs cut gya Amazon customer se bhi baat nhi ho Raha h or Abhi tk rs nhi aaya h

  4. Disgusting service…can’t even get in touch with them directly. Why do they never accept my password in spite of the fact that THEY set it up a few days ago!

  5. am tried chaneing my password everytime I go to put in my password its saying incorrect password its not keeping me login in do better with this

  6. I need amazon prime to stop stealing money from my credit card amazon took $13.15 I did not sign up for anything with amazon prime Im fed up of this highway robery

      • I purchased glasses and 2 different glasses storage boxes on/about 2/27/20.I printed the return instructions, but when I tried to return through Kohls, they were closed due to Covid-19. I can’t go back and choose a different way to return-the system won’t let me. Can’t find a way to contact CS. Help!

  7. I did not receive a package marked as delivered.
    I tried to contact Amazon customer service, but to no avail. Amazon was very approachable and reliable before. What is going on now? Overwhelmed due to high demand and virus? Sincerely hope that Amazon continues to be the place I can depend on.

  8. I just received my Chase/Amazon CC statement and noted a $100 charge on April 2020. It was my understanding that the gift card was a gift for obtaining a Chase CC. Why was a billed for $100 that was shown as a gift card?? I will cancel the card if I have to pay for the gift card.

  9. Will someone please explain to me what should I do with this fire8″ tablet that I purchased at Targets here in Chester Virginia just last month paid a 129.99 for it as I said my kid only had this tablet for 3wk when it got hot and just went out I took it back to Targets ,and they said I needed the box or the rec. I’m sorry but the box got toss out one day and I’ve missed placed the receipt I’ve asked the store mgn. to please help me locate the rec.becouse I paid for it with my debt card but he told I need to fined the box cause he needed the bar code off it ,Can someone Please help, my Kid is in need.

  10. I need to cancel the reload on my amazon prime store card. It was made by mistake. Your sight is very confusing

  11. good morning, moved from NY to Cozumel Mexico. Use a kindle fire. was working great. CANT call 800 numbers from here! cant access account , PASSWORD. always have to reregister. Phone on file disconnected, go through steps,, send OTP, have tried many times, never receive OTP. Need a non toll free number to call for HELP!!! Thank you. Paul Locascio

  12. I cannot get into my account. I tried the password reset with no results. It says I need phone verification for my account. I can get text messages on my phone but I have no access to the internet on this phone 360-292-0060, so I cannot click on the link to go to the site. I called on the phone to a rep who says she needs a billing address. It’s the same as my mailing address I’ve been using the last 4 years for my Amazon orders. My credit card that you use to bill me is at this same address. Somehow phone verification was turned on without my permission and now I’m stuck. I’m ready for my next order. I have a prime account with a couple of $ on it. I am very unhappy and am considering cancelling. Thus, if you cannot somehow get me off the phone verification I want to cancel my Prime Account, thus I should not see a transaction on my next credit readout. Thank You.

  13. 9-December-20
    I received an email on Friday, December 25, 2020 in reference to Order ID 81574 in which I didn’t order this item and/or purchase. “No one has my authorization and/or permission to make any purchases to my account.
    FYI: I just updated my address information for future use, my email address is still the same – MY EMAIL ADDRESS, PERSONAL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBERS, ACCOUNT ARE TO REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL.”


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