How To Recover Gmail Password With and Without Recovery Information

Many people often forget Gmail email password then could not log in and use the products of Google such as Google Play Store account, Blogger, Google Plus and others? the only way to solve this problem. Before proceeding, it is important to note in this way can only be done if you‘ve added a phone number and email recovery to recover gmail password.

Recovery Option Should be setup Before to use this recovery method. Such as when the last login, when the account was created. So that we think is very difficult to answer because on average we are not considering this issue.

As of August 2016, Google password reset view has changed and is more difficult to reset via email recovery .

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How To Recover Gmail Password With Recovery Information

  1. The first step please visit this page
  2. Enter the email address you want to reset the password and then Next .How To Recover Gmail Password With and Without Recovery Information
  3. Select Try another question or Try a different question.How To Recover Gmail Password With and Without Recovery Information
  4. Enter your cell phone number. Which is used as the recovery phone number and select Send text message or Send SMS.How To Recover Gmail Password With and Without Recovery Information
  5. Check incoming sms from Google containing 6-digit verification code and then enter the column that is already available and then select Next / Next .
  6. Lastly, will be taken to a page Reset password. Enter a new password 2x in the field provided. Select Change Password and after that you will see a page of information that says you have successfully changed your Google account password.

Important : Whether being no improvement or indeed now Google does not allow us to reset your password via email recovery. Because very time you try a reset via email recovery result is always failed.

After entering the verification code can not change the password immediately but get an error message like this:

Google could not verify it’s you, so you can not sign in to this account right now.

If until now you have not added a phone recovery should add it now before it’s too late, especially when you have forgotten the password still have the opportunity to perform recovery via phone numbers and will not lose your Google account.

Reasons Why Gmail Strong In Recovery Option:

Why, it is because Google gives certain conditions to be able to reset the password, the deal is to have access to one of the recovery options available. We wrote about recovery option? To access Phone number recovery, email recovery has access to, or be able to answer your security question.

Because if you can reset without no phone, email recovery or answer a security question. Going so easy for people to steal someone else’s account.

You can google it and find a variety of ways, but indeed if all options recovery is not nothing you can access, very low probability (almost none) can access your account again.

Good luck and if you still experience difficulties please ask, hopefully we can help.

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2 thoughts on “How To Recover Gmail Password With and Without Recovery Information

  1. How do I recover my gmail password if I do not have a recovery email address listed and my cell phone is listed for recovery but I have 2-step verification enabled (so I am not getting the verification code sent to my cell phone and the prompt never asks me to enter my recovery cell phone number at all).

    I can still access my gmail on my PC because it was “auto-saved” but I cannot add my gmail account to my iPad, because I can’t remember the gmail password (because I never memorized it because of the auto-save function on my PC).

    1. If you are unable to receive the 2 step verification code to your phone, then you can (a) use the backup phone you set up or (b) use one of the backup codes you printed or saved at the end of the set up process. 

      If you didn’t do either of those things that were recommended to you at the end of the set-up procedure, then you will need to choose the “Verify my Identity” option and complete the account recovery form. 

      Can u mention your operating system If above method doesn’t works

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