How to Convert Word to PDF Files Easily

convert word to pdf file

You wrote a file with the  word , and now I do not know how to convert word to PDF ? If you have an old version of OFFICE you can not save your document directly to PDF. In this article we suggest how to convert a document  word to pdf , using a program that…

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How to Get Over Free VPS Hosting Trial For 14 Days

free vps trial

Most Free  VPS Hosting Trial is used to create a bot, game servers, or to a website server. Well at times in the post I will share how How to get Free VPS Hosting trial for 14 days, is it true VPS gives his trial for 14 days? yes of course true. Specifications you get on…

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How to quickly index the website in search engines

quickly index the website

How to quickly index the website to a search engine I am sure already knows a lot if not all bloggers know, but sometimes forget, to him I wrote back here in order to facilitate the search, but it can also be saved in the record your FB or stored in the PDF file, notepad…

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How to Create Hotspot in Computer Using UC Browser

Create Hotspot in Laptop

UC Browser is quite popular on Android now present also in the PC / laptop with appealing features that Virtual WiFi which can be used to create hotspot in computer or PC easily without a lot of settings that confuse course the main requirement you must have a Wi-Fi adapter How to Receive your Android SMS…

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How to login to the VPS with Putty (Windows/Linux)

vps with putty

For my friend who first rented VPS certainly still confused how to login to the vps with putty SSH. Below are the steps to login to the server (VPS). How do I connect VPS With Putty using SSH: Download Putty  Click Here Run Putty (no installation necessary) Fill IP Server in the Host Name , the port…

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