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Everyone knows that WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform in the world. And also most downloaded app in the official google playstore itself.

But there are some limitations in every official application or a game, that’s where modding gives extra ability. YoWhatsApp is the another modded apk for the whatsapp and it packs some unique features in it.

YoWhatsapp unique features

In this article I will explain whats so special about Yowhatsapp and it’s unique features and why you should start using it.

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What is YoWhatsApp Apk?

Modded whatsapp apk so you can get some amazing features like view deleted messages and customizing your theme etc.

There are many modded whatsapp apk available like GBwhatsapp, OGwhatsapp. But it runs so slow in low end devices and that’s where Yowhatsapp shines, because YoWhatsApp can run on low end devices without any problem.

And also if you like customizing your own interface and yowhatsapp is the best choice since it has many options.

Install YoWhatsApp apk?

It’s so simple, just like you normally install any apk on your android phone. Go to settings and then check allow unknown sources from security settings and just tap on the apk to install.


If you have your old whatsapp running and want to back up that up before installing Yowhatsapp, then follow these steps it’s easy.

  • Open Whatsapp app and then go to settings.
  • Then navigate to Chats -> Chat backup.
  • And there you find a back up button and just click on it.
  • That’s all it starts backing up in the cloud and restore it when you install Yowhatsapp.

YoWhatsApp Top Unique Features

When trying some modded application there needs to be a Unique feature than a official Whatsapp features. So here we will cover some top Features of YoWhatsApp apk.

1. YoThemes

Bored with default Whatsapp Green UI, No issues with YoWhatsApp you can download different themes without paying a single paise. To customize your theme just visit YoThemes in settings and install the theme that you like.

2. Send Message without Saving Contact

Mostly Whatsapp is used for private chats getting more number and saving and sending a message are too annoyed for some. So with YoWhatsApp you don’t need to save a contact, You can send message to the users without saving their number.

If your not willing to Install YoWhatsapp but still you need these features no worries we have created a content to help such users How To Send Whatsapp Message Without Saving Their Number.

3. Emoji

Cute and attractive emoji are most liked by couples, With YoWhatsApp tons of Emoji varients are available. You can just download the required one. Never get bored with single emoji, We have also shared few but that’s 1% there are tons of emoji variant like this.

4. Send Long Videos

Official limit of sending videos are just 100mb which is too smaller. SmartPhones nowadays require more than 100mb to capture 5min video. In that case, you can’t send long videos with length more than 5 min. Whereas you can send 700mb video without any limit with YoWhatsApp.

5. Hide Privacy

If you don’t like to show your Last seen or Online that’s simple with this App. Freeze the last seen and online status so that no one can view your active status on Whatsapp. This might be something different from Official WhatsApp. In official one, you can just hide the last seen not the online status.

6. Anti-Revoke MessageĀ 

WhatsApp has a new feature to revoke your message, That’s you can delete the message you have sent mistakenly. But not every deleted message are sent mistakenly. Few might be revoked due to the privacy issue. So you can Anti-Revoke those message that can be read anytime with any stress about the deleted message.

7. No Ads

Most of the modded WhatsApp version comes with lots of ADS and also with some dangerous virus. But you won’t face any issue with this app. No ADS, No virus issue its completely clean app with clean UI.

We have just provided highlighted features of YoWhatsapp But there are many features like 100+ Just try and comment below so that we might know the features that we have missed it.


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