5 Excellent Ways to Spy on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become more than just a chatting app. It’s that chest of information opening to which will unveil many secrets. Though we all our WhatsApp usage a secret affair, sometimes you need to find out what’s happening over there if: 

  • Someone is trying to bully your child on WhatsApp
  • Your spouse is betraying you using WhatsApp 
  • Your employees are utilizing WhatsApp during office hours 

Whatsapp spy

 These situations need your immediate actions and that action is spying on their WhatsApp account. In case you’re wondering how you will make it happen, read this article and find out five excellent ways to spy on WhatsApp. 

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Excellent Ways to Spy on WhatsApp

#1 – Spyier

WhatsApp has become a part of our lives and when we talk about spying on it, we need a powerful and feature-packed option. Spy on someone’s WhatsApp using Spyier is a cakewalk. 


As long as you have this WhatsApp spy app by your side, you don’t have to be worried about being caught in the act. 

The popularity of Spyier is so wide-spread that world media houses have supported its risk-free operations in full swing. This is what has made Spyier a heartthrob of millions across the 190 nations.

Just dig up Google a little bit and you will find many Spyier view posts singing in its praise. This huge popularity is not baseless at all. Spyier has earned it by all means. And the factors that cemented the foundations are: 

Best of class WhatsApp spying 

If you keep the Spyier’s inventive WhatsApp spying technology aside, the only viable option is to jailbreak/rooting the device. However, trying these options means inviting many unwanted hassles.

Spyier shuns both these practices once and for all. So, WhatsApp spying using Spyier is: 

  • Safe and secure
  • Keep your data safe
  • Easily accessible

Taking care of you at every front 

There is hardly any front left where Spyier doesn’t help you out. You are a novice and don’t know the ABC of WhatsApp spying, use Spyier. 

It comes with a user-friendly interface that can be at your service without any download (in case of iOS), and time-consuming installation (in case of Android). 

  • You don’t want to see all your hard-earned money drowning. Use Spyier that offers you month’s long WhatsApp spying at a mere cost of $ 10. 
  • You want more than WhatsApp spying, Spyier is here to help you. It’s more than a mere WhatsApp spying app. You can track around 35+ phone activities with its help. 
  • You don’t want to compromise on data quality, Spyier doesn’t disappoint at this front as well. It renders real-time and quality data with a timestamp.

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A keylogger of its own kind 

The keylogger that Spyier offers to its end-users is nothing but a work-of-art. Without giving a sense of suspicion to others, it cleverly records every keystroke movement done over WhatsApp and offers you a detailed report. 

#2 – Minspy  

Minspy is our second recommendation to you for good reasons. This WhatsApp spy app has already won millions of hearts across 190 countries. Once you will learn about USP’s, we are 100% sure that you will also be wooed by it. 


Minspy is here to eliminate all kinds of risks and hassles that might force you to drop the idea of WhatsApp spying even when it’s the need of the hour.

  • It has managed to pull this off with the help of its jailbreak/rooting free facility and ability to work without saving data on the server. 
  • Whether you have to know about the media exchanged over WhatsApp or want to read those secret chats, Minspy is here to help you in every situation. 

 #3 – Spyine 

The third place of our rundown is occupied with the Spyine which is here to redefine the meaning of WhatsApp spying. Earlier, it used to be considered as a tough and risky job. But, thanks to Spyine, it’s not as of now. 


Spyine doesn’t believe in following the old rituals blindly. This is why it prefers ditching the traditional jailbreak/rooting process and start using its inventive WhatsApp spying technology which is free from any risks and hassles. 

#4 – Spyic  

If you ever wished for an easy, effective, yet pocket-friendly WhatsApp spying facility then your wish has come true with Spyic. Calling Spyic a modern-era marvel won’t be erroneous as this WhatsApp spying app offers such multi-facet assistance that can’t be ignored.

install Spyic

Spyic is a feature-rich WhatsApp spying app that will help you enjoy risk-free spying. 

  • Spyic stands peerless when we talk about the user-friendliness. Using it is a cakewalk and any novice can turn into a master in no second. 
  • Every WhatsApp activity will be monitored closely and you will be updated timely. No matter how frequently the other person uses the targeted WhatsApp account, every movement would be reported.

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#5 – Neatspy 

Discussing Neatspy before wrapping up the article is the best thing that we can do right here. It’s the best combo package. Along with WhatsApp, you can use it to track around 35+ other phone’s activities.


Neatspy is the 21st century’s WhatsApp spy app that has already helped millions to keep 100% risk-free WhatsApp spying in their kitty. 

  • With the use of advanced kind of WhatsApp spying facility, Neatspy has shown to the world that today’s era is technology-driven & we don’t have to stick by the old-school processes anymore. It’s jailbreak/rooting WhatsApp spying is its biggest proof. 
  • Despite the affordable price (you can use it for a month’s long time at a cost of $10), it never makes the compromise on the data quality. 
  • Every data is accompanied by a timestamp to give you a detailed update. Its data is so accurate and reliable that no one can question it a single time. 

Do not let the secrets haunt you!

Keeping secrets can be very problematic at times and if you don’t want to let them trouble you then take the action before things go from your hands by using a reliable WhatsApp spy app. 

All the 5 options that we have discussed here are reliable.  However, the way Spyier has managed to make WhatsApp spying risk-free job is very laudable. Its developers deserve a pat on the back.


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