SiteGround Review – Best Hosting Overseas 2021

SiteGround is recommended by many on different blogs and forums. SiteGround has amassed 450,000 domain names worldwide, with data centers across United States, Europe and even Asia. Not bad, considering they started out with only one employee back in 2007, making them one of the youngest behemoths in hosting today. Made a short Siteground review

I’ve done research and manual testing against over 20 different web hosting, and shared hosting category, SiteGround is the best.

Well, in this review I will review some more about SiteGround. But, first of all it is better to learn.

Background slightly from SiteGround

SiteGround review

SiteGround was founded in 2004 by a group of “IT Enthusiast” that happen to members of the group are from the same university.

At first, they only work in their dorm rooms.

Now SiteGround has been greatly expanded to more than 320 employees and they have collected 450,000 domains worldwide, with having 4 data center, which is in United States, Europe and Asia (Singapore).

Even SiteGround is one of four web hosting that is  recommended by review overseas

SiteGround reviews: Their Growth?

I think they must have done something extraordinary, to the 10 year time frame they can develop faster and be able to pass their predecessors.
But what is something behind for their rapid growth?

Is a good uptime? Fast load time? Or service support is impressive? Or features premium?

In order to answer that, I have bought SiteGround shared hosting packages, the ” StartUp plan ” and install it on the default WordPress sites.

In a review of SiteGround, I will discuss several different aspects of shared hosting packages SiteGround, so at the end of this review will help you to decide whether SiteGround is the right choice for you.

Advantages of Using SiteGround To Blog / Website

The most important point in analyzing the performance of a web hosting is to test the uptime, speed load time, server response time and support.

The four categories are the most crucial in supporting the success of your blog / website.

However , there are also couple of other points, which makes a web hosting service make advanced compared to other web hosting services.

 1. Average Uptime Impressive

Average Uptime Impressive

The average uptime SiteGround over 12 months was 99.98% (monitored using Pingdom).

This result puts SiteGround web hosting as the best # 1 in the category uptime among the 20 best web hosting others.

2. Load Time: Faster than average Web Host

Load Time: Faster than average Web Hos

My test page load time on SiteGround using tools Pingdom and found the results of 470ms , which is a very good result and shows that SiteGround servers very quickly.

SiteGround itself has made a video that shows how they can increase their server performance and exceed the standards of the average speed of a web hosting.

3. Server Response Time: 200ms Below Average

3 Server Response Time: 200ms Below Average

I used the services of Bitcacha to test the average server response time.
Server blog I tested came from Cichago (USA).

Based on Bitcacha , the average server response time that my blog is hosted on SiteGround is under 200ms .

For the server part of the USA (E & W) is 58ms and 20ms, meaning that visitors from the USA will be able to reach your site more quickly (very quickly) because it only takes an average time of just 40ms.

4. How With the support? I think 10/10How With the support? I think 10/10

Consider they serve customers more than 1,000 tickets, 800 telephone calls and 2,000 requests on chat every day.

My experience quadruple mass SiteGround is FANTASTIC.

No matter whether your questions about their own service or CMS that you install on your blog / website, they actually reply to each question in detail, and very helpful.

Even basic questions such as:

  1. How to change domain nameservers?
  2. How do I install WordPress in cPanel automatically?
  3. Or how to create an email address at SiteGround?

It is one of the reasons why I consider that SiteGround is a service best hosting overseas today.

5. Offer ‘Auto’ Managed WordPress Hosting

Offer 'Auto' Managed WordPress Hosting

It is one of the special features offered by SiteGround (which not all the web hosting offers this feature), which is managed WordPress hosting in all their shared hosting packages.

What does this mean?

That means SiteGround will update automatically when there is an update of your WordPress plugin or theme, it will even provide monthly backups in case your site is down because of the particular case.

Following a leak, I love to know what are the special features of WordPress that existed at SiteGround.

As shown in the image above, you’ll also get access to features WordPress SuperCacher them,

and also get a free Cloudflare that you can install in Cpanel, so make your site more quickly, even if you have a lot of multimedia files with size weight.

6. Free Domain and Money Back Guarantee

The advantage of buying hosting SiteGround is that you will get one free domain for any shared hosting package you choose.

And SiteGround also offers a money back guarantee for 30 days in case you are disappointed with their service.

7. Free Site Transfer

Do you now have a website that is hosted elsewhere?
And plan to transfer your website to SiteGround?

Do not worry, SiteGround will transfer your website from your previous web hosting at no cost or free.

They can also ensure that your website will not experience down when the transfer takes place

8. Price Hosting Competitive

SiteGround offers three shared hosting package options, including:


SiteGround hosting price is usually not a choice of the cheapest web hosting, but the current price of the cheapest hosting them included when compared to some of the cheapest web hosting other.

That is only $ 3.95 / month for startup package, down from $ 9.95 / month (60% discount).

So, I think now is the right time once for those who plan to buy a shared hosting package SiteGround.

So you are not confused in deciding a shared hosting package which is suitable for you, I conclude the following:

Note: Whatever the shared hosting package you choose, you will get one free domain, free CDN, and unlimited bandwidth.

  • Starup : For beginners who only have one website to be hosted
  • GrowBig : This is a package which is most widely used by users, because in addition to be able to host the many websites, this package also offers a balance of features and price.
  • GoGeek : Usually used by those who really want the additional features that are not diapat of StartUp and GrowBig package.

Disadvantages of Using SiteGround

Besides having many advantages mentioned above, there are some drawbacks that need to be consider when deciding to purchase hosting at SiteGround.

Among others are:

1. Method of Payment at SiteGround

By default , SiteGround only accept payment by credit card.

But you need not worry, because you can pay for hosting using a PayPal account .

I therefore submit this in shortage.

But the fact of using PayPal to pay for hosting it very easy and quick process, mostly only 5-10 minutes.

2. There is a “Setup Fee” For Monthly Payment

For those of you who are planning to do a ‘trial’ in advance, or for those who plan to pay for hosting on a monthly basis.

I suggest you to go with this!

Because SiteGround expensive charge for the cost of the trial for 1 month, which is $ 14.95.

I think you should not be afraid to use SiteGround hosting services, because until now I have never been disappointed with them.

In addition, SiteGround also provides a money back guarantee for 30 days, in case you were disappointed with them.

3. Disk Space / Storage Limited

Compared with other web hosting, SiteGround has a smaller storage size, ie packages StartUp 10GB (so you need to consider this when storage is one of your attention).

However, if you are just starting out, package “StartUp” with 10GB of space alone is more than enough.

Later, when the growth of your website is increased and you need a larger resource, you can easily upgrade your hosting package.


I recommend SiteGround to you.

SiteGround is perfect for those who really want a good support service, while not sacrificing the speed of loading pages and impressive uptime (99.98%).

SiteGround distinguishes itself with hundreds of other shared hosting with the best features at an affordable price. Although not the cheapest option, but SiteGround is the best if you’re looking for hosting.

Maybe there are a lot of web hosting providers that you think right now.

But with all the advantages offered by SiteGround, and given the 60% discount deals that make their price similar to other web hosting with a lower quality.

I think this is the most appropriate time for you to act and take advantage to quickly.

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