Ways to Optimize Promo Code Marketing for Your Store

Everybody likes a good deal, more so when it guarantees a significant saving. Shoppers are always ecstatic when they are asked to pay a small price for a given item. The feeling is even overwhelming when they don’t have to pay anything for it.

Promo code marketing

Well, this is what promo codes give the customer. What about you? How do coupons benefit your business? Promo codes generally improve the customer population. You are always guaranteed more customer traffic.

So, it’s upon you to convert the leads into loyal customers. Coupon Promo codes can impact your store positively or negatively—positively in the sense that you can get more conversions which are translated into sales, and negatively in the sense that the coupons can cost you a lot of money. To ensure that the impact is positive, you need to optimize the codes to suit your marketing campaign and be able to enjoy considerable profits.

Ways to Optimize Promo Code Marketing for Your Store

1. Structure and Section Your Coupons

For your coupons to suit your target market audience, you have to structure them the right way. You’ll need to decide on the discount amount, the products that the offers apply and validity. After the structuring, you need to segment the offers so that they can suit your audience. For example, you can decide to offer a 10% discount for shopping lists exceeding $100 and 5% off for ones that are less.

2. Integrate the Coupons in Your Email Marketing

It’s important to include coupons in your email marketing program. You should ensure that you attach the coupons to the newsletters and promotional emails that you send to the customers. This can be a great way to reclaim old customers and to pursue new ones. You should also include links on your codes that direct traffic to your online store.

3. Include Auto-Applied Offers

To convince old customers to go back to your site, you should introduce auto-applied coupons. Although the coupons may cost you some extra money, they are a great way to gain conversions. After all, you’ll recoup the money once the customers make the purchases. The promo codes should be a one-time thing.

4. Use Coupons to Recover Abandoned Carts

When the customer shows an intention of leaving the shopping cart, maybe because the price is too high, you should set up popup coupons to grab their attention. These coupons should only pop up at the cart box when the customer is almost giving up on the transaction. The moment the customer sees that the price has been reduced by a significant margin, he or she is bound to reconsider going ahead with the transaction.

5. Employ Welcome Incentives for First-Timers

When new customers visit your store, you can offer them a welcome coupon to encourage them to shop there. The customers should see a tab or link to click that promises them welcome incentives. To make sure that you gain from it, you should set the coupons to be activated when the customer starts to shop at your store. You can also decide to greet the customers with welcome back coupons on their second visit.

6. Personalize the Coupons

Nearly 80% of online shoppers who claim save with discount codes are motivated by one thing: personalization. This clearly shows that coupon customization is not an option but rather a necessity. You should at least have offers for the first-timers, the newsletter subscribers, and the loyal customers. The coupons should at least make the customer feel special.

7. Send Surprise Coupons

You should try to surprise your regular customers with discount offers once in a while. Start with their birthdays. You can send them special offers on the dates to appreciate them for their loyalty. You can also target special holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

8. Give Referral Coupons for Sharing

A majority of customers like to share with friends and family fare deals that they discover, especially via social media. Why don’t you offer them the opportunity? Sending them referral coupons is a great way to expand your customer population and to boost the sales.

Generally, coupons are amazing at running a marketing campaign. The secret is in using them correctly to ensure that they don’t take away your profits. Using the above strategies, you can optimize your coupon marketing to the benefit of your store.


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