We can not imagine a world without Google. If we look back further, we recall the early years of school where we will be forced to go to the library to make a book report or searching for ideas for our next scientific experiment. By searching for a homework assignment with the World Wide Web and it stood as wind alone.Kiddle Useful For Children.

Kiddle.co Google Search Engines for Children

Kiddle.co Best Google Search Engines for Children

Today’s children are so eased for now. They not only have a smartphone to be able to communicate with their friends after coming out of school. They may have more knowledge when using computers than their parents. In this way a good thing for their future. But you also know that it can also be very bad if they start looking or deliberately look for things that they should not see. Like 18+ Contents,Weapons etc.

Now, for the happiness of the parents. That children will be able to use in their own way when Google made search engine Kiddle.co children .

In accordance with a typical color Google logo, homepage engine search sites. Kiddle not set in a plain white color in the background. Instead has the look of the space, complete with planets, along with alien robots at the bottom of the search bar that live on a planet filled crater.

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Reason To Use Kiddle.co:-

Kiddle, surf the visual search engine for children who are supported by the editor and secure Google search. Allows children to search the Web, images, news, or video. Once children enter a query into the search box. Kiddle will issue a list of related links. Search results are listed first three pages of search results and secure sites written specifically for children who are handpicked and inspected by the editor.

The results for the next four to seven will display the sites that have content that is written in simple language.That children can understand what they are researching. It also handpicked and inspected by the editor.Results to eight and so is the site written by adults. It is filtered out by Google’s secure search but a bit difficult for children to understand.

“Because the search results Kiddle selected and checked by editors or filtered by Google’s secure search, then the kids will get oriented content without content. In some cases the bad words that appear in the search list, then the robot we will block these searches, “explained in the pages of the Kiddle.
For ex, a child looking for Miley Cyrus, the news about his personal life, Instagram, Twitter account not shown. Instead. Children will only get a biography about the family life of the star.

Parents can also block additional keywords by submitting the form. May also request to block sites unsuitable for children.

The other main difference is that the search results. Kiddle had more illustrations with large image thumbnail, large Arial font so that the children can better read the text.

Search engines also create not collect personal information and purge its log every 24 hours.

Source: Kiddle


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