Top 5 Selected iOS Emulators For Your PC

Have you gone through our previous post? We have ranked Top 10 iOS Emulators for your PC! Are you still not sure between those? Don’t worry! We have come with one more post regarding Top 5 Selected iOS Emulators & their reviews. We have selected 5 out of our 10 on the basis of customer reviews of each. You can count on us!

Our following list is based on:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Features
  • Drawbacks

We have selected emulators with the least drawbacks & lightly weighted ones. So, without wasting time lets get started with our TOP 5!

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Top 5 Selected iOS Emulators For Your PC!


Apple iOS has the absolute most instinctive applications with tastefully satisfying User Interface. Unexpectedly, Apple has confinements on an open application advertise, thus access to the iTunes application store is limited to iOS gadgets as it were.

IPadian isn’t really an iOS emulator; it just helps you by emulating iOS UI on a Windows PC. You should not hope to play all your iPad apps or access iTunes using the iPadian emulator. You might download IPadian hoping to play all famous iOS apps like Fallout Shelter. Right? But, your deduction might get wrong! In few games IPadian doesn’t give you Original game meanwhile they would show you a person playing. RIDICULOUS! But you can INSTALL your games! Eureka got a Solution!

Coming to SAFETY, IPadian is probably safe. We have said “Probably”!

IPadian is software that limits you but doesn’t provide you with full protection. We have pointed this out because according to few reviews IPadian introduces ADS & sometimes malware too. So to prevent it you have to be a bit attentive while installation. While installation procedure, you will see a “DROP-DOWN BOX” this might help you to uncheck any malware document that might intrude your PC.

On the off chance, you miss this step, numerous ads & projects might get introduced on your PC. So to prevent it “BE SHARP”, don’t just go on proceeding.

Let’s talk about User Interface! Coming to UI, you won’t be disappointed. UI is simple yet with drawbacks. User Interface is simple & appropriate for a beginner. But, the drawback is “Scrolling to the right rather than Home Screen”. So, you can just see the left third of the screen. This makes Internet-surfing & app store a bit difficult.

Full-Screen Preview Advertisement
Games You cannot get every game: Limitation
Webkit Browser User Interface: Scrolling to the right only
Social Chat Malware might intrude(Damn rarely but possibility stays)
Supports Facebook
Free Music & Videos
Standalone Adobe Air App



Ripple is an emulator custom designed for mobile app development & testing. The software is lightweight with a size of approximately 4.71 MB. Isn’t that damn less for an emulator? You don’t need to download any data or setup for getting this compact software. Just go to Google Chrome Store & Add to your chrome. In simple words, it’s an extension.

Mainly ripple is used for WebWorks, mobile web development, PhoneGap & testing. Even though the software is low in size it offers you every existing tool possible like HTML DOM Insp, JavaScript, automated testing, etc. The software doesn’t feature Advertisement & I should say that over here RIPPLE wins over IPadian. But don’t get excited for getting RIPPLE & not IPadian.

As I said RIPPLE is mainly for high-level work, its User Interface won’t be simple. Even though IPadian has got scrolling right issue but that’s bearable. Ripple’s User Interface won’t be suitable for beginners. Also, Ripple isn’t updated since 2013 so don’t expect the latest things would be available.

Light Weight User Interface isn’t easy
Can be used for WebWorks, mobile web development, PhoneGap & testing App isn’t updated since 2013
No advertisement Might not have the latest programming languages
Virus Free
Best for high tier/level tasks



Smartface is another emulator & mobile app development platform. It’s the only software that offers you “DRAG & DROP” design editor. You can design Android apps & high-quality product. Smartface also supports numerous leading solution enterprises & these solutions are easy to imply for developers. The software offers you a wide variety of languages & development sources.

There aren’t specific drawbacks of SMART FACE. Smartface is also considered one of the best mobile app development toolkits.

WYSIWYG Design Editor Beginners might face few issues
Code Based Design Editor
iOS Development on Windows-enabled
User Interface smooth (Response)
Technical Support


APP.IO also known as Kickfolio is an emulator that you would probably want to try. It’s an HTML 5 mobile development & marketing tool that lets you play iOS apps inside a web browser. APP.IO is a web-based emulator. I would surely recommend you this emulator if you want to develop your app & send demos to your clients.

Share & view your app build on browser Uploading App takes time more than expected depends on your internet speed
Enhanced quality experience to your clients
Build your app by leveraging’s API
Insightful analytics(Eg: Conversion rate & session time)
Cloud-Based Emulator
Low chance of error



AIR iPhone is software that is developed by Adobe & based on Adobe AIR Application. The software produces the iPhone’s User Interface. You would definitely need AIR Framework to make this application run efficiently. It replicates the iPhone’s user interface. The software can be used for many things, we would discuss it further. Developers can compile & execute an application before their final release or before presenting it to a client. They just simply need to upload their app on AIR iPhone & check whether it’s working according to them or not. People who aren’t developers can also use this application to experience an iPhone.

The drawback we have found in this software is Application might run a bit different on real iPhone than on AIR iPhone. The reason behind this drawback is: Hardware isn’t replicated yet. So, developers need to understand that performance on AIR & on an actual iPhone would differ slightly.

Lightweight Hardware isn’t replicated
No need of Flash, just get Adobe AIR Performance might differ between an actual iPhone & emulator.
Excellent UI
Replicated graphics like an actual iPhone
Even beginners can use it easily



So, these were TOP 5 SHORTLISTED iOS Emulators for your PC or Laptop. If you are having any query or recommendations, feel free to comment. We will be back with another post, till that “GOODBYE”!


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