Notifications for app updates are always welcome as they bring with them the bug fixes and changes that the developers have pushed out. However, sometimes these updates become annoying and not useful to you.In google play

android app update

Consider a scenario that you are sitting in a really important meeting or getting some important work done on your machine, and you are being alerted by your Android device every now and then telling you that there is an update for an app on your device.


Instructions To Turn off

1. Launch Google Play from the app drawer.


2. When Google Play launches, tap on three horizontal lines in the top-left corner to bring up the Play Store menu.

3. When the menu slides in from the left, tap on the option that says “Settings.”

4. Once in the Settings panel, turn off the options that say “App updates available” and “Apps were auto-updated.”

5. Close the Google Play app, and you are all done.

Just launch the Google Play store app, go to Settings, and enable both the options that you disabled above. You should then start getting notifications as you were before.If u wish to enable it



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