Get Free Chegg Premiuim Accounts & Passwords in 2024

Going through homework, assignments, and exams isn’t a piece of cake. In such circumstances, we all need some resources. 

You and I both know the fact that Chegg has been one of the easiest learning platforms. 

Unfortunately, it’s expensive!

And fortunately… I have it. Yes you heard it right! 

free chegg accounts and passwords

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to get free Chegg accounts and passwords.

But before we do that, I’d like to show you what are the key benefits of having a premium Chegg account. That way, you can learn how to get the most out of it. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Benefits of Chegg Premium Account

#1 Academic Support 

Access 24/7 support for various subjects including step-by-step solutions and professional assistance for textbook questions.

#2 Textbook Rentals

It helps you get physical or digital textbooks at a cheaper price. You can simply look for textbooks you want by searching for Title, ISBN, or a bar code. 

#3 Writing Support from Chegg

Improve writing with plagiarism detection, proofreading, and instant citations.

#4 Stay ahead of classes 

Get on-demand and high-quality answers to stay ahead of classes. Not only this, you can network with fellow students to make a competitive environment for yourself. 

#5 Learning Tools

Take notes and review them directly in the Chegg eReader while highlighting important notes for easy review. Apart from this, online tutorials are available for better understanding, and there is an expert community available to solve your troubles. 

6 Great Ways to Get A Free Chegg Account in 2024

#1 – Get Free Chegg Account by Trial 

A free Chegg account trial will give you unlimited access to solutions and video tutorials for 7 days.

Here’s the step-by-step guide that can help you get a free trial: 

  1. Visit Chegg website and create an account using a valid email address.
  2. Once you’re signed up, fill in your credit card details. 
  3. That’s it, you got a free trial period for 7 days with unlimited access to all the premium features. 
  4. Make sure you cancel the subscription before the trial period ends, otherwise you’ll be charged. 

Pros and Cons of Chegg Free Trial 


  • Enjoy all the resources during the trial


  • Trial period only lasts for only 7 days
  • If cancellation of membership is forgotten, you will be charged for the next month (this is non-refundable)

#2 – Use Our Free Chegg Account Username and Password List (Aug 2024 Updated)

Using these Chegg account username and password list, you can get instant access to all the premium benefits. 

We change this list after every 2 weeks because students change their passwords and then these accounts don’t work anymore.

If you’re someone who’s seeing this post after 2-4 weeks, these username and passwords might not work. However, it’s not a bad idea to try these. If these work, you can have a premium Chegg account access for a year. 

Email Password Updated on CoursePass1! Sep 2023 CoursePass5! Sep 2023 CoursePass8! Sep 2023 SecureLearn2@ Aug 2023 StudyHard3# Aug 2023 Access2023^ Aug 2023 SuccessAhead7* Aug 2023 AchieveDreams8% Aug 2023 EcoursePass6$ Aug 2023

#3 – Get Free Chegg Account Promo Codes  

Another way to get a free Chegg account is using promo codes. By successfully redeeming a promo code, you can enjoy an unlimited trial period having access to all the premium features.

Here’s how you can get a free Chegg account using Promo Codes:

  1. Look for Chegg promo codes that are available online. Time and again, we also release free promo codes for Chegg. For starters, you can use these: 
Chegg Promo Codes

Copy the promo code and visit the Chegg website.

  1. Sign up for a new account using your valid email address.
  2. When asked for a promo, put the code in and activate the trial period.
  3. Now you’ll receive a trial period where you can have unlimited access to all premium features.
  4. Likewise, cancel your membership before the trial ends and avoid being charged.

#4 – StudyX 

StudyX is a platform where you can get answers for all your Chegg questions. For every question, StudyX charges you 50 points.

Although StudyX is paid, there’s one way to trick it.

Whenever you sign up with a discord account, you get 100 points for free. Once you run out of points, you can always make unlimited discord accounts. Apart from this idea, there’s an ongoing offer that you might want to look at:


#5 – Quizlet Method

This method is something that you must not have seen anywhere. I must say this is one of the easiest methods. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Copy the URL of your question

  1. Paste it on Quizlet. Make sure you click on ‘expert solutions’ and paste your question where I did. 

As you can see there are some results that you can click on to get an answer for your question. 

#6 – Educrag Method

This is the best method out of all the above methods. All you have to do is: 

  1. Copy the URL of your Chegg question
  2. Paste it in EDUCRAG search

educrag free chegg answers

Once you submit your Chegg question link, it will pop up and you can download the answer to your question. 

Products and Services Offered by Chegg

#1 – Chegg Study

Chegg Study provides textbook solutions and expert Q&A services to help students with their doubts and homework. 

While some colleges consider it against their code of conduct, Chegg Study offers 24/7 help with over 84 million step-by-step explanations. In fact, students can even submit a picture of their question and receive an expert answer within 15 minutes to 24 hours.

#2 – Chegg Math Solver

Chegg Math Solver is a helpful tool for students struggling with math problems. 

It provides step-by-step explanations and teaches students how to solve equations. 

By submitting a picture of the problem, the solver provides up to three free answers per day with basic explanations, while the paid version provides more detailed explanations and sub-steps. It can also help students with various math problems such as pre-algebra, algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, and linear algebra.

#3 – Chegg Textbooks

Despite expanding its services, Chegg has not forgotten its roots as a textbook rental service. Students can still rent or buy from the library of 750,000 books and save up to 90% on their semester books.

It also offers hassle-free easy returns and 21-day refunds, as well as an access to a free eBook while waiting for the paperback to arrive.

#4 – Chegg Writing

Chegg Writing helps improve writing quality by providing unlimited paper scans and services for grammar and spelling checks, plagiarism checks, expert proofreading, and citations. It’s interesting to note that they offer all these services under one subscription for $9.95/mo, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for projects.

#5 – Chegg Flashcards

Flashcards are fun and an easy way to learn. On Chegg, you can see over 500 million flashcards covering a variety of subjects, including the ability to create your own deck. It’s available on mobile apps as well as websites, and students can practice with flashcards whenever they want. It’s recommended to go through all the decks made by experts and students to get curated cards as per your needs.

#6 – Chegg Mobile apps

Chegg has both Android and iOS apps available for download, allowing students to access all of its services on their mobile devices. Other than this, you get expert help for assignments. For instance, the Mathway app provides solutions and step-by-step explanations for math problems, and the Chegg eReader app lets you navigate through textbooks easily. 

#7 – Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors is a service that offers quality teachers in a wide range of subjects and is available 24/7 to accommodate student’s study schedules. There are tutors that help students understand difficult subjects, such as Math, English, Science, and other study skills by breaking down the material until it’s easy to comprehend.

#8 – Chegg Internship

Chegg offers internships to students, proving access to a career center with valuable career advice and internship opportunities, helping them secure better job opportunities with reputable companies

Subscription Plans and Pricing of Premium Chegg accounts

Chegg Study $14.95/month
Chegg Math Solver $9.95/month
Chegg Writing $9.95/month
Chegg Study Pack $19.95/month


Some Chegg Alternatives You Can Try

Just in case you’re in a hurry and don’t want to go through all of that, you can try these Chegg alternatives to get a quick solution for your problem. 

#1 – Skooli 

Skooli is an online tutoring website that provides 24/7 homework help and assignment review. It offers teachers to teach students almost any subject and topic. It’s an alternative to Chegg for those who are looking for online tutors to help with their problems. Not only this, it can also help students who struggle with math problems and other subjects.

#2 – Slader 

Slader is another free alternative to Chegg that provides textbook solutions for students. It’s an independent site for learning, with millions of students and contributors around the world. On this platform,  you’ll get step-by-step textbook solutions written by experts. Besides this, Slader’s app serves as a digital tutor.

#3 – Paperhelp 

Paperhelp is a well-established custom writing service that has been operating since 2008. It’s popular among students who are seeking quality academic assistance with positive reviews on platforms like Reddit, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot.

#4 – Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that offers high-quality education on various subjects, making it a great free alternative to Chegg. It provides educational resources on math, art, computer programming, economics, and much more. Anyone from anywhere can access it without any subscription fees.

#5 – Bartleby

Similar to Chegg, Bartleby is an educational platform that offers academic assistance to students. It provides access to textbooks, study materials, writing center, and online tutoring services. 

The goal of Bartleby is to help students with homework, essay writing, and textbook solutions. The platform is reliable and provides a range of resources to help students succeed academically.

#6 – Course Hero

Course Hero is a popular edtech company that provides students with access to millions of study resources, 24/7 homework help, tutors, and test prep. 

Although it has a monthly subscription fee of $20, its services such as 24/7 homework help, textbook solutions, and study guides make it a valuable investment for students. 

Its extensive library of study materials covers various subjects, and the homework help service is available to assist students with difficult homework problems. Overall, Course Hero is a great alternative to Chegg for students looking for academic assistance.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Getting A Free Chegg Account

#1 – Does Chegg give a free trial?

Chegg provides a 1 month free trial for users who sign up, and the only requirement is to add a valid credit card during the registration process.

#2 – What is the limit for the number of devices that can access a Chegg account?

Only one device at a time is allowed for access. 

#3 – How to cancel the Chegg study subscription? 

Canceling your Chegg Study subscription is easy. Simply sign in to your account, go to the orders section, find the Chegg Study subscription under subscriptions, click on ‘cancel subscription,’ and your subscription will be cancelled.

#4 – Can I pause my Chegg study subscription?

Sign in to your Chegg account and go to the orders page. Scroll down to the Chegg study subscription and click on the “pause subscription” button to temporarily halt your subscription.

#5 – How can I get free Chegg answers?

In this article, I’ve mentioned various ways to get a free Chegg account. If that doesn’t work, you can try Chegg alternatives. 

#7 – Can we find free Chegg accounts on Reddit?

While it is not possible to obtain free Chegg accounts directly from Reddit, there are several SubReddits where you can post your Chegg question link, and within a reasonable timeframe, you will receive the required answers. This can be an excellent resource for students looking to access Chegg’s services without having to pay for a subscription.

Is Chegg Worth it? 

Cheap textbook rentals, excellent tutoring, and multiple study resources make Chegg a competitive online learning platform for academic students. 

Although there are alternatives out there in the market, I don’t think there’s something as useful as Chegg.

Instead of running after alternatives, you should try to get a free Chegg account. Apply all the methods I’ve shown in this article. If nothing works, you can always get in touch with us and we will help you get an answer. 


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