Looking out for software, which can make the hectic graphics designing and template designing an easy one! Well then, your wait is over. Crello software, launched by Depositphotos has come to your rescue. It is one of the leading products currently present within the market that is the best visualization tool. Crello is the best tool for image editing, template designing, graphics designing, creating videos, creating images, etc. Here we will provide complete Crello review.

Crello Review

It provides high-quality photographs and videos, an eye-catchy interface, various photo-editing features, designing tools and a huge image library consisting of millions of photographs. It is used by professionals and beginners in various fields. We may all wear different hats, but this tool is currently the best editing and designing tool that any professional or a beginner would dream for.

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It is used for creating images for various platforms like e-books, blogs, social media, animated poster printing, digital ads, etc. There are skilled professionals who have worked hard and are working harder to provide us with the best software, this market can have.

Simplest Solution To All Designing Problems (Free)

With this outstanding tool, you can?

The total number of places where an application can be used efficiently, states its value. Crello is a visualization tool that is worth visiting because it has a wide range of applications.

Can be used for

  • Creating Images And Videos
  • Editing Images And Videos
  • Graphics Designing
  • Template designing
  • Animated posters
  • Printing
  • Email Headers

Create designs for

  • Instagram Stories
  • Blogs
  • Facebook Ads
  • E-books
  • YouTube
  • Animated Design
  • Marketing
  • Prints

Can be used by

  • Social Media Specialists
  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs

Why Crello?

Crello is the simplest solution for any person’s problem. It is one of the easiest tools that can be used by a beginner or a professional. It gives users many reasons for trusting its services. Stated below are few of the reasons one should definitely try Crello:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick Processing
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Provides A Free Version
  • Great Interface
  • Beautiful Templates
  • Huge Library Of Photos
  • Provides Discounts
  • A Friend Of Beginners And Professionals
  • High-Quality Images
  • User-Friendly
  • Video Tutorials Are Available
  • Provides 60000000 Photos
  • It Provides 11,000 Templates
  • Provides 33 Design Formats
  • Provides 1,20,000 Free Photos And Vectors

resize feature on crello

Weightage On Your Pocket

It is one of the cheapest designing tools currently available in the market. If your budget isn’t permitting you to invest in expensive software, then you must definitely think about Crello. It consists of mainly 3 pricing plans:

Crello Pricing


  • This is the free version of Crello
  • Personal storage for self-created designs
  • 4,000 free photos and images
  • One custom font uploaded
  • 6,000 designs
  • No resize option
  • Animated posts are the only format available
  • 100 images upload


  • It’s for $6.67 per month
  • Inherited from basic
  • Over 12,000 designs
  • Has Over 20,000 free photos
  • Over 20,000 design elements
  • 1,000 images uploaded
  • Custom fonts are unlimited


  • It’s for $16.67 per month
  • Unlimited images uploaded
  • Resize option available
  • Inherited from basic and advanced
  • 4,000 animated elements free
  • 4 video design formats
  • Custom fonts are unlimited
  • Full access to animated formats

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Features Offered

Main Benifits of Crello

The features of any application decide its long term availability and customers trust in it. These features enable the user to use the software effectively and efficiently. They offer long term credibility and high-quality standards. It allows users to create and edit images using various graphics and designing tools with ease and that too in a customized way. It provides mainly 2 features: Photo Editor & Design Tools

  1. Photo Editor

This feature allows the user to edit photos in the most effective way. It offers various services like Filters, Multiple Filters, Huge Templates, Crop, Layers And Transparency and, Blur. It also allows us to preview the picture once before its actual application.

  1. Design Tools

Crello Designer Tools

Designing is equally important as editing. Forgetting a perfect picture for your social platform you must have some great designing tools that can enhance the beauty of your picture. Crello offers the features of Resize design, Variety of Stickers, Shapes, and Icons.

Benefits And Drawbacks

You must have definitely heard of a saying to achieve something, one must lose something. The same concept runs vividly in the case of software and applications. Each application comes with its own goods and bad. Crello also has some plus as well as some negative points.


  • Easy to use
  • Animated Formats
  • Quick Design
  • High-Quality
  • For Free
  • Many Backgrounds
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Many Templates


  • Customer Support Is Bad
  • Lacks Data Visualization
  • Search Bar Missing

The Inspiration Page

Crello Inspiration

Crello has got the most unique feature, the inspiration page. This page promotes users interest in designing and creating new images. It provides a wide range of templates to the users that help them to design much better designs and animated images. It provides various layouts to the users for better designing of images of social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. This page helps beginners the most. They can become a pro by using this tool.

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Final Say

Overall Crello has left a great impact on me and I hope that all the above-mentioned details must have definitely helped you in deciding whether to use this tool or not. So far, this is the best tool that I have ever witnessed. It has got great ratings from customers all over the world and is definitely taking a high road.


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