How To Create Strong Password That You Can Remember

Why You Need to Create strong password

Every person likes to protect their homes by buying the most expensive and secure locks, setting up alarms and keeping all the footprints in case if a burglary occur. Just like that, your online accounts are your properties that need to be protected with a strong and secure password. The most common way to keep all hackers away from your online accounts is to use very strong and lengthy passwords.

Create Strong Password

Using simple passwords will give the hacker an easy opportunity to get into your computer and steal personal information. So remember, every alphabet you enter into your password makes a hacker to quit from hacking your account and eventually they will give up and target their next victim.

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Why should I use a strong password?

There are certain measures you must take in order to keep hackers away from accessing your password. The main reason to create strong password is to make it impossible to guess at all time. Here are some obvious reasons why you should create strong password –

  1. Your password must be long and strong so that it can be immune from cracking software.
  2. A lengthy and full strength password takes forever to crack and thus any hacker will give up after wasting their times.
  3. Password security involves using special characters in their password because all password hacking tools has the drawback of not reading this characters at all.
  4. Always use different passwords for different accounts. Never use the same password in every website over and over again.
  5. Every single character in a password gives strength to the resultant password. So make sure to use at least 14 characters.

Password Security Measurements

Few things every user must keep in their mind before choosing a password. We have neared it down into points so that you can understand the value of them.

  • 76% users use the same password for multiple website whereas 24% users use the same password in all websites. You must keep in mind not to do this at all time.
  • Never use common passwords like 66666, password, 123456, abcdefgh and so on. These are the easiest passwords to crack.
  • Always enable 2 step authentications. These days most website like Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. offers two step authentications. Make sure to enable it in all times so that you get alert every time an intruder tries to hack your account.
  • Never login to your personal accounts from public computers as most of them has keyloggers installed in them.
  • Never write down your password on a paper where people have access to. Even if you have written them down, make sure to lock the paper in a secure place where you only have the access.

How to Create Strong Password?

So now the question is how to create strong password that is impossible to crack. Mainly, lack of imagination and creativity leads to use a weaker password but in the following steps, we will widen your thoughtful skills so that you can generate a strong and lengthy password.

  1. Always mix your password with upper and lower cases.
  2. Your password must have special characters like symbols, punctuations, number etc.
  3. Use unique passwords that are commonly used by others.
  4. Never, I mean never use dictionary words. They are the easiest to crack.
  5. Never use common same alphabets consecutively.
  6. Never share your password with anyone.

Create Strong Password

And that’s how you choose a strong password for any online account. Kindly, keep in mind that If your account is compromised ever then it may take months or even years to recover and in many cases you may lost the account forever. Keeping that in mind, we cannot relax about the security of our online accounts. Keeping your user database and passwords secured should be one of the top priorities and therefore, we have shared all the necessary information in this article to keep your account safe and secure.


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