Best Ways to Continuously Expand your social media following

With today’s digital age, one of the ways to see if your website or social media accounts are flourishing is by keeping track of followers and engagement. Plus, there are many ways to increase this to ensure that your content is being seen, shared and heard out in cyber-space.

Produce content consistently

One of the ways to make sure you are attracting followers every day is by producing content consistently. Whether it is through a blogging website or the various social media platforms. Ensuring that you release content at least once a day increases your reach in the digital world.

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However, it can be challenging to produce content every day and release them at the same time. But you can use the many scheduling apps and tools that can help you to schedule posts to go up on your website and social media accounts.

Most content management systems such as WordPress allows you to schedule posts days in advance. Can be linked to your social media accounts that will post on the day with a link.

Likewise, most social media platforms have their own scheduling apps that can help you manage your content. For example, you can use TweetDeck to schedule Twitter posts and Hootsuite for both Twitter and Instagram. Facebook itself allows you to schedule posts to publish on groups.

Adapt content to the platform

Producing content and accompanying graphics that are specifically tailored to the type of social media platform. You use can increase content engagement and shares. Make sure to take advantage of Twitter’s new 280-character limit and include images whenever necessary. Because even with the character limit, an image can speak a thousand words.

Likewise, if you use Instagram, a high-resolution image that is easy on the eyes will attract more attention than a grainy image that didn’t seem to take much effort. For Instagram, you can even arrange your photos to produce an aesthetic that matches what it is you’re aiming for.

Compile an email list

If you are a blogger or a producer of written content. It might be a good idea to compile an email list. You can do this through your contact page on your website where your audience can reach you and, in the process, store their contact details in your system.

Likewise, you may prompt them to subscribe to your website. It will allow you to send your subscribers newsletters, updates and any other messages you may wish for them to know. Not only will this keep them in the loop but will also keep you and your website on their radar and may have them browse through your content.

If you wish to contact external business and organizations such as PR or media companies to help promote your website, business or product, you can build a solid email list by websites such as where you can get in touch with anyone who has made their email addresses available simply by inputting a domain name.

Network with influencers

Another way to build a following is by getting involved in your online community. Get in touch with other influencers and support their content by commenting and sharing their posts. Not only will your profile be exposed for potential followers and the influencers’ own followers. By engaging with other content creators, not only will you show your participation. But maybe you’ll even get a collaboration out of it and further increase the quality of your content and your follower count.

With these elements in mind and by producing content consistently. You will certainly that follower count increase and cement your content as one to keep an eye on.



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