Web design continues to be one of the most popular fields for thousands of students all over the world. The fact is that this area is very promising, as well as most graduates find good jobs in the US easily. In case you are looking for colleges with web design majors and would like to become a real professional, this post is right for you. Choosing the best graphic and web design school has never been easier!

Design Colleges in the United States

Quick facts about top web design schools

  • There are plenty of web design colleges available in each state
  • Learning web design is not easy (however, you can sometimes hire someone to do your homework)
  • Web design is not only about being creative, but you will also need to learn Math, too
  • Skilled web designers usually have high salaries

In case you feel web design is the best sphere for you, it’s time to choose the best college.

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Top 15 web design schools you need to know

There are dozens of alternatives you can choose from to continue learning. In this post, we’ve collected the best colleges for your convenience.

1. Full Sail University

This university is famous for its quality of education and remains to be a well-known institution in the art industry. You can become an expert in graphic or web design, computer animation, as well as web development.

2. University of Pennsylvania

This Ivy League college is one of the leaders in the field. Moreover, you can win a grant and make your education less expensive easily.

3. Boston University

This institution offers both BFA and MFA in Graphic design. In case you are an undergraduate student, you will need to complete a Foundation program before being enrolled in BFA.

4. University of Miami

Learning web design and visiting sunny beaches in your free time. What else does a common learner need for happy student life?

5. Rochester Institute of Technology

This institute offers a BFA in Graphic Design and has a whopping number of facilities for an effective and enjoyable learning process.

6. School of Visual Arts

This school has an amazing number of courses available to all learners. In case you are would like to get superior skills and knowledge in web design, this college is a real treasure.

7. Yale University

What about studying at one of the best universities in the entire world? Yale has an excellent MFA program in Graphic design.

8. Florida State University

BFA in Studio Art is a degree you can get after graduation from this popular university. The program contains lots of disciplines to become a real pro in web design.

9. Pratt Institute

This institute attracts students with a superior number of different programs, including Communications Design, Illustrations, and Graphic Design.

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10. Drake University

This university will boost your technical skills and will help you get your first experience in graphic design.

11. Dominican University

This university has high tuition fees but offers a superior program for all web design learners.

12. American University

In case you’ve already got some experience in web design, this option is right for you. The admission board requires providing samples of your work for successful enrollment.

13. Northeastern University

The university has a brilliant number of programs in design as well as offers an unforgettable student life.

14. Chapman University

The university attracts crowds of learners with an excellent BFA program in Graphic Design. Not only you will get deep knowledge in the area, but you will be also able to put it into practice.

15. Temple University

The university has both BFA and MFA programs in design. The institution continues to be one of the leaders in the design field for years.


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