How to Create Amazon Free Vps AWS

Before you can use Amazon Free VPS for the first time, you must sign up for Amazon Web Services (AWS). When you sign up, your AWS account is automatically signed up for all services in AWS, including Amazon VPC. If you haven’t created an AWS account already, go to AWS, and then choose Create a Free Account.

Amazon aws vps

          TUT] How to register Amazon VPS

How to Create Amazon Free Vps AWS:

1,Visit amazon aws site   AMAZON AWS

2, Sign in with the account id
3, Now click Service=>Compute=>EC2
4, After entering click on Instances

amazon free vps

5, After entering click=>Create New Instances
6, After that check the config which u need to use free tier account only
7, Then confirm ur configuration    After that create a key which required for getting password
8, Finish the setup Wait 2-3min unitil the vps is setup Now click on connect and upload the key file u will get the free vps

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