How to get money from YouTube? Of course, many of us who heard a lot that YouTube can make money just by uploading the video. In fact already many of us who have a steady income from YouTube.But this are the 5 Reason Why Your YouTube Videos Not Getting More Money.

YouTube Videos Not Making More Money

The bottom line of our video will be advertised. Which will produce a certain amount of money or the number of ad clicks made by audiences around the world. Of course our YouTube account must be associated with Google adsense.

Well, of the many people who already enjoy the dollar from YouTube, of course, arouse our spirit to be successful as they are. So why we upload videos to YouTube not make money? Alias ​​failed entirely in scooping dollars? Below is probably one of the causes.


YouTube will no longer allow creators to make money until they reach 10,000 views

5 Reason Why Your YouTube Video not Making More Money

1. Poor video quality

The meaning of poor quality is, the video is made in the original without a clear theme. As a viewer in an impression will also judge how good the quality of the video you make, if it turns out to be good and quality then it is not uncommon also a viewer subscribe to you, to look forward to other quality video.

You indirectly have 1 fan, can be forwarded to the next fan and will increase the number of viewers in your video. Google algorithm also make viewers with good video quality, to place ads in various videos.

If your video is bad quality, the party of google will place ads with click below the average price. So your chances of making money are getting hampered and need a long process of time.

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2. Your video contains content that is prohibited by the Google adsense

It is clear that within google adsense there are rules (Tos) that are very sensitive and should not be violated, among them Pornographic content, gambling, contains elements of Sara and violence.

These videos will not be able to make money from youtube, if you try to register a video that one of them I mentioned above, the risk of your Google adsense account is affected by Banned.

3. Your video is not Original 

If you are recording a news show, or a match or a TV show, it is likely that the TV station holds many of the rights necessary to use this content commercially. If you wish to monetize your own recordings containing TV shows, DVDs or CDs, you must obtain written permission from the owner of the audio and / or visual elements you record.

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4. You are using audio that infringes copyright

Some music or audio uploaded on YouTube is copyrighted or reserved. If there is a third party visual used in your own creation. Please grant the original rights holder’s written permission to use the content commercially.

This audio content may still be infringing (some of it, or some of it). Even if you have already covered the audio (you redial it with your own voice). If you want to be safe, you can use the Audio Library  already provided YouTube, or you can be creative with the music of your own work.

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5. Your reputation on Youtube is bad

If you have uploaded a video that meets the criteria of making money. But there is one of your videos that fall into the category as I have written above, you can hamper the number of viewers traffic to your video channel. Google prioritizes visitor traffic to accounts that are in good standing.

Alternative to making money-making videos on YouTube

According to my own, the kind of good video are great way of making money via YouTube is a kind of video tutorial. This type of video can be categorized Original video. We can take Screen Shot (recording from the computer screen) with screen recording software that is widely available on the internet.

Or the type of video that me review new items, such as gadgets and mobile phones are again booming. The original video made by yourself. With a video that is informative and useful. It will give you a good reputation in your Youtube account.

Hope can give you some information and correct, what kind of video is worth and quickly make money from youtube.


  1. Look at my channel there not such issues that you have mentioned on above post. Still i have no revenue from ads on my videos.


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