Virtual private server or VPS is often with a server that is vitual and fully usable for 24 hours. Perhaps not many people know how to use vps for beginners. Well, here will be described in detail about the VPS itself or in a language easily also be interpreted as a computer that has a virtual nature or unreality. Of course the location of the VPS based on the determination of the desired location when ordering or rent a VPS from any ISP. Generally VPS offered location is London, Singapore, New York, Washington, Atlanta, Japan, Netherland, and so forth depending on the server provider has a server anywhere.
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After renting a VPS provider, the thing to note is check the details of the VPS as Id and password have been provided. After that, record the data that there are in order to login to the VPS via SSH client. How to use the VPS for beginners is not easy. Most beginners will feel confused about how the VPS and generally lots asks if it should use the linux operating system first? It turns out the answer is no need for using other operating systems such as Windows alone can also enjoy the VPS. So how? The trick is to use applications such as SSH client that previously had to either download an application such as Putty, Kitty, and so forth.

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Here are some steps to use VPS in windows:

1,The initial step, open the application and then enter the IP VPS Putty, leave unfilled column default port 22, and then click Open.


2, After appearing login requests please input only root and enter.


3,Then there will be a password request can be filled in accordance with the password given by the provider yaang VPS.


4,Besides, we can also make arrangements in advance or to update with apt-get update (debian) for CentOS and to be able to update the command yum update.


            5,Meanwhile, for users of Mac OS please to use the open SSH MacOS X. Now, how to use the VPS for beginners for linux users do not need to install any other application again and just use the existing terminal.


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