After I made a full article on Understanding About Types Of Hosting and terminology, have now I’ll show you some type of hosting you need to know:

types of hosting

Types Of Hosting What You Need To Know


Where Shared Hosting is the term used for a web hosting service where several websites share the resources of a large web server. Many WordPress web hosting providers offer shared hosting at a very affordable price ranges from $ 1.89 per month and $ 3.89 per month.Where Shared web hosting is a kind of choice of the cheapest and most affordable of the other web hosting like VPS or Dedicated Server.

Because of the low cost, shared web hosting is considered ideal for small businesses, blogs, and web sites portfolio. Most beginners do not need anything more than a shared web hosting. I advise to keep costs low when you want to start your online business. You do not need to spend money on resources that you do not need.

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Do you wonder why it is very cheap shared hosting? So by having multiple sites on the same server, a web hosting company can only provide the service at a rate that is much more affordable. Examples such as this. If you rent a home, then you are responsible for paying all the rent alone. But if you have a roommate or other friends in the house, of course, you can split the payment with your friends, so that the cost becomes cheaper due on the responsibility by several people.


Dedicated hosting is the term used to describe a web hosting packages that provide dedicated servers with resources dedicated to a single client. The Dedicated hosting is ideal for WordPress website with a very large number of visitors. Many WordPress hosting service providers offer a Dedicated Hosting Plan Shared with VPS hosting Plan.

For example, in a shared hosting plan, client share a computer with many other clients. In the case of VPS hosting plan, the client machine but not share resources with other clients on the same computer. However, a dedicated hosting plan client leases an entire server with all of its resources. Web hosting companies offer different packages to Dedicated hosting. Price plans are based on the client’s choice of hardware and resource allocation.

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The Dedicated hosting is ideal for large organizations or sites with huge traffic. Clients gain full control of the server that enables them to configure it to meet their own needs.Where Dedicated Hosting Plan also comes in the form of managed and unmanaged hosting where the center can manage the server to the client in case of problems. Managed dedicated servers are generally more expensive. The price is also affected by the amount of resources needed such as bandwidth, storage space, and the amount of RAM, among others. Additional cost for dedicated server also includes software packages needed to run the server. Such software can include licenses for Windows, if desired, cPanel, if desired, and other paid software. Free alternative to most of the paid software packages available but are generally not preferred because of problems with the stability of the software. The main exception to the preference for paid vs. free software is the widespread use of Linux over Microsoft or other paid on a server OS.


VPS hosting is an acronym for Virtual Private Server hosting. The Virtual Private Servers offer hosting virtual machines for clients. The concept of virtualization is similar to shared hosting in which a server computer can have multiple sites running on it. However, virtualization technology allows each account should be treated as an engine of its own with its own dedicated resources and operating systems.

For Example: In a shared hosting environment all clients share the resources from the same computer. Most shared hosting providers have a script which limit the resources of each client, so that no one client who uses all resources. However, clients are not guaranteed computing resources can fluctuate from time to time depending on how many clients that use the resources at the same time.

If you ever use a program such as Microsoft Virtual PC, VMWare Player, workstation, etc., then you have to use the same concept to your computer. The software allows you to do the same thing on your personal computer by allowing you to “virtually” run the other operating system environments on top of one already installed. People use this technology on a personal computer mainly for test / run your software and websites in different environments without incurring the cost of buying a new computer.

Above are some type of hosting you need to know, I hope the above article helps you in understanding more about the types of hosting and you can determine which hosting is right for you to use. ????


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