Microsoft 70-697 validates your ability to install and manage software by using Microsoft office 365 and Window’s Store apps. Similarly, there are a number of other technical skills that are measured during this exam. The purpose of this test is to make sure that the candidate has the ability to operate multiple devices.

Windows Device System Administrators or Windows device support technicians can take this exam to grow their skills. The candidates should have experience with Windows 10 security, Windows desktop maintenance, administration, and troubleshooting. The basic understanding of Windows Microsoft Intune, Active Directory and networking technologies is also very important for the candidates that are participating in this exam.

Microsoft 70-697 test

There are a number of recruiters that are looking to hire Microsoft 70-697 certified professionals. And they all need to hire the individuals that can easily accommodate all their technical needs.

Therefore, the examiners need to be very careful while providing the certifications to different individuals. In simple words, the test can be really complicated and the candidates should prepare well if they want to pass the exam. Today, we’ll take a look at some details of the test to help you understand the ways you can use to prepare for the exam.

Similarly, we’ll talk about some elements that will determine the importance of this exam. So, let’s get started.

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Why is Microsoft 70-697 certification so popular?

Windows 10 is the largest operating system of Microsoft and its growth rate is very high than other versions of the Windows. Providing the better usability and reliability was the main focus of Microsoft team while introducing this new product. This operating system now runs on tablets, mobiles, PCs, servers and games consoles.

The continuous growth of this operating system means that there are a number of businesses that need people that are capable of installing, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting the new operating system. So, this is an incredible opportunity that you can avail before the majority of other IT professionals.

If you want to avail this opportunity before others, then you must read the following information to pass Microsoft 70-697 exam as soon as possible.

Reasons to become the Microsoft certified

Microsoft is the giant of IT industry. So, becoming a Microsoft certified means that you are also going to become a giant in this industry. Microsoft certification opens a number of career paths for you. So, if you want to become a valuable part of this fastest growing industry, you must apply for the Microsoft certification.

How to pass Microsoft 70-697 exam?

This is where most of the people need expert advice. That’s why we have brought some tips for that will help you pass the exam. First of all, you should try to get knowledge and skills from Microsoft Virtual Academy. Thus, you’d be able to pass the exams and achieve Microsoft certifications. This academy provides you access to a wide range of videos and articles that can help you understand the Microsoft technologies in a better way.

The next step you need to take is to learn from a course because courses make every aspect of the exam clearly visible to you. The course will not only help you pass the exam but they will also help you a lot in the professional world. Choosing the right course is also like solving a puzzle because there are lots of options available. However, we’ll let you know the courses you can take in order to pass the exam.

The final step is to take the practice tests because practice tests play an important role in explaining the pattern of the exam. And they also help you measure your skills that how would you perform in the actual exam. Therefore, you should take these exams multiple times so that you may grow your skills accordingly.

My personal experience of passing Microsoft 70-697 exam

My personal experience of passing Microsoft 70-697 exam wasn’t really impressive and nobody would ever share such kind of experience publically. But I want to share my experience to inform others that it isn’t a piece of cake. Well, I passed the exam on the third attempt. After the first two attempts, I lost all my hope and decided not to try my luck anymore.

But a friend motivated me and told me that it isn’t the game of luck but it requires some effort and hard work. Well, his advice worked very well and I finally passed the exam om my third try. During this third attempt, I spent most of my time on practice because my previous experience had clearly explained that success cannot be achieved without proper practice.

So, I practiced a lot and tried to understand each and every aspect of the course. And finally, I managed to pass the exam with a better score.

Training courses for Microsoft 70-697

The training courses for Microsoft 70-697 are available on popular platforms such as Udemy and skillshare. But I believe that the best course that one can take is the course launched on the official website of Microsoft. The other courses may play the role of an additional support but the main course that one should focus on is the official course launched by Microsoft.

Microsoft 70-697 exam dumps

Microsoft 70-697 exam dumps are really helpful and one should make use of these dumps before taking the exam. Platforms like ExamCollection, ExamSnap, and PrepAway are the most popular and most authentic platforms where you can find the most reliable dumps. So, make sure that you use these dumps before taking the exam.

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Microsoft 70-697 is definitely a complicated approach but if you are a dedicated person, you won’t face any problem in passing the exam. Just make sure that you put all your focus on practicing different aspects before taking the exam. If you have any questions in your mind, use the tips mentioned in this article to prepare for the exam. Wish you to pass the exam at any cost.


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