The current technologically advanced world has many wonders for us in store and the phone tracker for android certainly ranks among these wonders. Phone tracking has been around for some time but still many questions about it linger. You may have been amazed and amused by this Track Phone technology for sure. Inevitably, in this article, a brief enlightening insight towards this technology will be given just for you.

How to track Phone in Android Platform

What is Phone Tracker in android?

An android track phone is a convenient and reliable tool for anyone who wishes to know the location of any phone or that phone’s owner. The tracker accurately reveals the location of a phone by using GPS or satellite technology. So much for such a small gadget.

Who can use it?

Anyone really. This is a great answer to start with. Anyone, if not everyone, with an Android smartphone can use the phone tracker. However, if you are among the following groups of people, you will realize that phone tracking really comes in hand.

  • Parents – Since it is your responsibility to guarantee the safety of your kids, the tracker can be used to keep a close eye on their location even when they are away. It is a welcome relief when you can always be sure of where your lovely kids are.
  • Employers – Yes, there no real lack of trust if you prefer to monitor your employees especially those who are constantly on the move. You are running a business and if avoiding losses means using the phone tracker then so be it.
  • Spouses can use it to track each other to build their trust.
  • Friends can use it to keep an eye on each other.

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Where can I use it?

There are literally dozens of situations where you may find it helpful to use the phone tracker for android. Such instances may include:

  • Monitoring your kids – You can track your kids’ locations to know what they have been up to. If you notice they visit questionable places you can later admonish such behavior.
  • Exposing a cheating spouse – If you suspect your partner is visiting their secretary then tracks them right to that house.
  • Finding someone missing – When a friend or family member has gone missing then it’s time to use the phone tracker.

How does the phone tracker for android work?

Phone tracking, contrary to popular thought, is quite straightforward. They are several ways this is done.

  • Location by tracking device – This works when the master location setting is enabled in the smartphone. It tracks the phone by using nearby Wi-Fi networks, cell towers and pinging GPS satellites.
  • Location by tracking app – This is done by tracking an app on the android phone rather than the phone itself. This is the one used by Uber.
  • Location tracking by Google – Google owns the OS of an android phone and they can collect your collection data and share it across its products

Which tracker can I use?

They are many phone trackers out in the market but we ranked the 5 best in order below.

  • Hoverwatch (Best)
  • FamiSafe Location Tracker
  • Glympse Tracker
  • Find My Friends
  • Flexispy Phone Tracker

Why you should use Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is among the leading phone trackers for Android you will get in the market. This highly reliable tracker has key salient features that make it stand out from the rest. These are:

  • Location of a target can be done at any time and place
  • A very reliable and accurate GPS location
  • The combination of the GPS system and Wi-Fi hotspots signal for tracking makes it accurate
  • It can track a phone even when GPS is not available

The functionality of phone tracker for android


Android phone trackers are mainly used for tracking target devices but that’s not the end of the story. These trackers can do much more.

  • Oversee call logs – You can remotely scan the call history using the tracker
  • Review messaging chats – It is easy to supervise chats on profiles like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Snapchat
  • Browse text messages – You can read the text messages sent and received

How To Track Phone In Android Platform

We will describe this in four simple steps.

  1. Download and install the Hoverwatch best phone tracker for android on your device. Similarly, install it on the target device(s).
  2. Launch the devices and set up the settings as requested by the program as it runs. These include location settings.
  3. Set up your account with the various packages available to begin tracking.
  4. Monitor the target device comfortably on your device. Simple. Isn’t it?

Where are phone trackers applied?

Phone trackers have successfully been used in:

  • Tracking mobile theft to recover a lost mobile phone
  • Police search cases to locate missing persons especially kids
  • Taxi businesses to track distances covered to facilitate remuneration
  • Tracking driving to evaluate speed, locations visited among others. This is especially done with employees.

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The history of using Android phone tracker from Ashley

Perhaps the experience of using a phone tracker is best told by Ashley who shared her experience on an online platform for users of Android phone trackers. She narrates how her 13-year-old son, Jesse, unexpectedly helped them find their missing dog.

Ashley says they had stopped at a gas station for gas but realized Jesse was missing after filling her tank. She searched nearby but did not find him. Ashley thought of calling 999 but when scrolling remembered she had only just renewed her Hoverwatch subscription.

She had been tracking Jesse’s phone for some time. She opened the tracker and located him in a nearby park. Upon rushing there, she found him and their lost pet. Turns out he had seen their missing dog and rushed to it in a nearby park.


In a nutshell, phone tracking is a convenient method to locate someone with various trackers being available. Hoverwatch ranks among them.


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