Maybe you never thought how I Track Location Family friend or your girlfriend easily through your android smartphone. now it can already be done easily with the advent of mobile phone tracker android app. With the development of technology, development of a mobile application is also growing rapidly. Owning a smartphone is not difficult now.Especially with the price variations of the smartphone price is the cheapest to the expensive price now has advanced features. Smartphones now like hotcakes very easy to get hung we want the price of an expensive or cheap.

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Now there is no word lied again for your friend, because you can know with certainty the location where they are right now. You only need to install this android application on your smartphone as well as family, friends or your girlfriend. If you want you can invite them to install the same application that would enable membership in your network. How glad if all that can be accomplished in accordance with your wishes.

How to Track Location Family friend or your girlfriend

How to Track Location Family friend or your girlfriend

How to Track Location Family friend or your girlfriend

For those who want to monitor the presence of your girlfriend, you do not need to be alarmed again about its existence, this app will tell the whereabouts of your girlfriend accurately. Android app called mobile phone tracker can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store and can be directly used. Then how How To Track Location Family friend or your boyfriend .? There are three easy steps that you need to do include:

  1. Downloading and Installing Applications Tracking Cell Phone  On your android smartphone
  2. You need to invite your family members to join your private family network
  3. Once they accept your invitation and install applications on their android device, the app will begin their monitor outcomes. Now you can track their phone and make sure the whereabouts Them.

Features Of This application

  • Location phone – Check the location of the phone at this time and also the history of the location of all the smartphones in your family.
  • Geofence notifications (on site) – Receive a notification when your family members arrived at the school or at home.
  • Warning Text Messaging (SMS) – Receive automatic alerts when your kids are receiving or sending any text message with the words or terms are inappropriate.

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You should know that the application is designed to track the whereabouts of your loved ones, like a parent who always wants to know that their children, and removes all the worries of parents to their children. This application is also a paid version. Of course, with a more complete feature. One premium feature of this application is tracking the whereabouts of the device though the device is connected to the GPS.



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