Every blogger in the world spends hours daily to optimize their blog to reach the first page in Google fast. There are some certain principles and techniques followed by them to get a real rank. Both on a page and off page SEO are important to get massive traffic to your blog. In this post, I will cover all the related details about Best On Page SEO and the main techniques to get attracted by Google search engines and hence you will reach first page on google SERP fast.


1. Image optimization

Besides image file format and sizing, there are other ways to make sure your images are working hard for you on the SEO front.

You can signal relevancy of your content to search engines by using keywords for your image file name, alt tag, title, description and caption.

Best On Page SEO

2. Post Title

Without a topic, no one can write a post about anything. The title is very important for both your visitors and Google search engines. If you have the good title, you will get a lot of visitors and improved chance of reaching SERP. The perfect title should have most of the following and for the best results try to include all the below fields. In on page seo it is main and that decides whether it is suitable to add in first page in google search results.

  •      Title With Keyword
  •      Date and Year
  •      Meta Description

Best On Page SEO

3. Meta Description

The major part in on page seo which controls your web traffic is the meta description. You should use it in a proper way to get Google appreciations, and if the Google finds that you cheat them using fake description, your website may be penalized at any time. But, by giving the real in depth information in the description field, you will receive a really lot of visitors in short time. The details provided in the meta field should match with the contents. Otherwise, people will get disappointed, and that will result in decreased bounce rate.

4. Broken links

Who wants to get a 404 page after clicking on a link? Broken links make for bad usability.

Not only that, search engines consider a large number of broken links as a signal of an old, neglected site and this can impact your SEO ranking.

 5. Readability

Even if you have a well-educated audience, they probably don’t want to be deciphering a PhD dissertation every time they visit your website and read your content. You don’t want them to give up reading your content and click away because it’s too difficult to digest.

Making your content easy to read and understand helps make it useful to your readers. Some experts also believe that Google takes readability into account when ranking webpages.

6. Different Header Tags

It is also an important thing to make your post high quality. If you divide your post into different paragraphs and subtopics, the search engine will grab it soon as it would be very clear and easy to understand. I would suggest you to visit the site shoutmeloud to find how good the contents are and to see how they are optimized.

7. Mobile optimization

As of April 2015, Google has started to penalize sites that are not mobile optimized by bumping down their search engine ranking.

More and more users are consuming content on mobile devices, and not being mobile optimized is going to affect user experience and conversion.


I have given you the detailed guide on how to optimize on page seo. Just follow the above seven steps sequentially. You will find improvement in your web traffic. Try to update the contents and pages at least once in a week.


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