Problems that sometimes we often do not notice, sometimes also affect either the mobile phone. A common issue is the problem of rapid hot android. It is also sometimes hot android phone itself, although we do not use. To find ways to cope with the hot temperatures android that is not fair, of course, we need to know 10 Causes Android Mobiles To Heat Faster only then we can take action to mitigate them.

The adverse effects if the mobile phone is too hot

10 Causes Android Mobiles To Heat Faster


Before moving on 10 Cause Fast Heat Android phone, we need to know some of the impacts that could occur if we get too hot hp. If the heat handpone exceed reasonable limits, there is some likelihood that there will be, among others:

  • Mobile will be broken,
  • The monitor does not work,
  • Chip power will not work,
  • The battery will be quickly inflated and damaged,
  • Mobile could explode.

Do not want it bad odds when experienced 5 android phone us too hot, so we need to know first cause it was hot because of what hp.

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10 Causes Android Mobiles To Heat Faster:

There are several reasons that make android phone heat up quickly, either when worn or when unused (standby position). 10 causes are:

1. Open a web page that is heavy.

Sometimes open web sites that contain harmful JavaScript phone, android phone can make heat quickly and even be an error and then restart itself.

2. Open the app overload.

Applications are still open and we do not close also will cause us to be hot android. Make sure you close all applications currently running when not in use.

3. Using a mobile phone while still in charge

Never once using android phone when charged, such as telephones, text messages, play games, or surf. This could trigger a high heat on the battery. And could have exploded.

4. Battery hp willing broken

Hp depleted battery life like broken alias can also make performance slowed and seemed to force the processor to work. In addition to battery power Tiu started unstable to make the power supply to the device to be not optimal.

5. Mobile stained with dust

Dust can also inhibit air circulation in our mobile devices. Because the process of cooling the processor does not work. That is why the android phone fast heat.

6. Turn the packet data

This is indeed a common occurrence. But we need to know that it also causes rapid android heat. Turn the packet data if not necessary.

7. Signal Operator problematic

Never not experiencing a shortage of signal events or get a signal that is not stable. This can cause heat faster hp. If the signal is unstable or very small, please switch to flight mode. Let not android phone signal again.

8. Expenses excessive processor

Processors also plays an important role in the android system. So if the processor at high load ed, could be the phone will be damaged and unusable. My advice, better restart your android device.

9. There is a virus on the phone android

Viruses are another way in the system will not be visible. This virus will overload the ram and processor. Therefore android gets hot. Although at the moment we do not like to use android.

10. Used in hot

If worn in hot, of course, will make the android phone faster also hot. It is better not to use android in the blazing sun. Can make android quickly broken.


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