Student life is ever drastically changing and evolving. Now, thanks to mobile apps, anyone can improve their academic performance with little effort. Learning on the go has become a valuable asset for students to expose in their studies.

Improve academic performance

Whether it’s last-minute reviewing for a final exam or taking notes in class, phone apps have drastically speeded up the studying process. Let’s learn how.

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Uni Apps Put Students Ahead In Class

Say a student has found themselves in a slow-going economics course and they want to jump ahead and learn faster. With an app like iTunes or Coursera, they could see that same course online and learn all the basics within a few days. That same student will show up in class, and every new concept will be a review for them. Pretty handy, isn’t it?

Udemy goes even deeper, by offering a massive amount of courses and masterclasses. So much can be learned on Udemy that one begs the question: is there a point in even going to college? If you wish to avoid paid sources and need your information fast, there’s always educational YouTube channels. There you will find videos explaining complicated concepts in about 10 minutes – perfect for reviewing lecture material!

Language and Writing Apps Turn Rookies Into Hemingways

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right choice of words – unless you’re using Thesaurus or These apps are brilliant for student writers. They create a gateway to thousands of synonyms, antonyms, definitions and more. Students use them to spice up their writing; to sound more professional or creative, depending on the setting. The Oxford Dictionary is the more seasoned writers’ choice.

Additionally – the ultimate lifehacker is Grammarly if you can afford it. It takes care of all grammar and punctuation errors, as well as giving suggestions on word choice. It’s guaranteed that your English writing professor won’t find a single loophole in your grammar.

EssayPro Makes Essay Writing Effortless

Oftentimes students need to study hard for exams or dedicate time for more important matters than struggling writing an essay in despair. That’s where EssayPro comes in with their brand new app. In just a couple of clicks, your essay on any topic will start being prepared for you while you go on about your day. EssayPro is a great productivity platform, helping students from many different countries submit A-level writing without any effort. Students can order essays on any topic, which will be written by professional writers who specialize in that specific subject area.

Finding the right sources isn’t hard with Google Scholar and JSTOR. With Scribd however, the whole experience falls into the palm of one’s hand. Access to millions of documents, books, and various scholarly data allows students to gather sources for their essay on their bus ride home. But if you choose the more traditional library approach, you might make use of EasyBib – an absolute cheat of a citation generator.

These Apps Will Organize Your Work

Resisting including Google Drive on this list was hard. After all, it is the most reliable place to store documents, pictures, files, music, clips, projects, spreadsheets, homework, etc. You use Google Drive; your professor uses Google Drive – and USBs are a thing of the past. Not much else to say.

Speaking of professors – they will expect students to take notes in class and keep them handy. Evernote is the popular app for this as it includes everything from note cards to to-do lists. However, the less mentioned app is Dragon Dictation – which provides automatic speech-to-text services. That’s right – this thing turns speech into text in real time and is impressively accurate at doing so.

Honorable Mentions

You must have heard of TED. In their own words, TED is about “ideas worth spreading.” They host all kinds of lectures from useful to abstract academic topics — a great addition to the app library of a knowledge-thirsty student.

For those who have trouble keeping track of their money (basically: most students), the app can help control your spendings.

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Duolingo is a beast for language learners, allowing students to play games to remember vocabulary words, conjugations, and more.

And our final mention will be Instagram. Photographers, journalists, fashion and art students stick around Instagram not to scroll through pictures of food, but to keep up to date in their spheres of study. It’s extremely valuable for them, as it’s an easy way to spot trends and developments in various mediums.

Final Thoughts

Student life is ever-changing, and it will continue changing with new tech developments. So far, colleges have had little time to adapt to these cheat-code phone apps which make student life more comfortable. If other students are using them to pass their essays and ace their exams – then so should you.


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