Discord is one of the most reliable applications and it is extensively used by gamers around the world. Discord attracts people with its user-friendly interface and outstanding features. Here are some Methods to stop discord from opening on startup.

Nowadays, the Discord app is used to connect with friends, colleagues, etc. as it provides a great platform to have seamless personal conversations as it is a free VoIP application. Discord is capable of running on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and on the web browsers.

stop discord from starting up on windows 10

The popularity of Discord has grown since it started 5 years ago. In 2018, Microsoft allowed Discord support for Xbox Live users. This allows users to link their Discord and Xbox Live accounts. They can also connect to their friends using Discord. The Discord app is user friendly and a global app as it supports 27 languages.

The major feature of the Discord app is that every Discord user has a four-digit discriminator, which is shown as a four-digit number, prefixed with “#“, after their username. This allows the usage of the same username for multiple users and for users to find friends easily.

In a Windows PC, Discord can be used as a web application or it can be used as a dedicated app to do voice chatting or to send text messages to the video game teammates. This creates a lively experience in the game community. Discord is known for the stable working interface but it also has few problems just like any other app.

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What we’re going to see in this article?

In this article, we are focusing on the automatic opening of the Discord application as soon as you turn on your PC. This problem can be solved easily.

It gets pretty annoying when you boot your PC and some of the applications suddenly auto-start themselves as soon as the Windows is launched. You may want to use the application later but definitely, you would not want to use these applications at the launch itself. Then, every time you have to close the application. Dealing with this kind of stuff at the beginning itself can annoy any user.

3 Ways to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup

There are three ways to turn off the auto-starting of Discord on Windows 10. Let’s go through the methods and you can choose the way you want to.

Method 1: Using Discord In-App Settings

The first method is to disable the autostart of the Discord app is by disabling it in the Discord app itself. Make sure you download the latest version of Discord app from the official website.

discord system startup fix

Follow the steps:

  • Open the Discord application on your PC
  • Navigate to the User Settings. It will be like a gear icon. Click on the icon. This icon is usually present on the right side of the avatar in the Discord app
  • In the left pane of the User Settings, there will be an option called Windows Setting. Click on it
  • Open Discord Option present under the section of System Startup Behaviour in the Windows Setting. You just have to Toggle the Open Discord option to off position. If this option is on, then the Discord will open as soon as you boot up your PC

This method will successfully disable the Discord app from opening on starting up of the Windows PC.

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Method 2: Disable Discord from Taskbar System Tray

This second method is the best way to quickly turn off the Discord app using just a few clicks.

turn off discord windows

Just follow the steps below to turn off Discord from starting up automatically when Windows starts up,

  • Go to the taskbar and click on the small arrow up icon. This opens the system tray
  • In the system tray, you will get to see many application icons in it. Look for the Discord app icon
  • As soon as you find the app icon of the Discord app, right-click on it
  • Then few options are visible next to the icon. You simply click the Discord Icon and it will take you right into the Windows settings in the Discord app. From there check the “Run Discord when my computer starts“. The meaning of the checked mark next to this is that the Discord app will open as soon as you boot up your PC.
  • Or you can simply click Quit Discord from the system tray to forcefully stop the Discord app from running around.

Method 3: Turn off Auto Startup from Windows Task Manager

For some weird reason, the above methods might not be working out for you. For those all, simply use this effective method and it works like charm.

Just follow these steps to turn off every app you don’t want to auto startup:

  • Open Task Manager on your PC.

taskmanager windows 10

  • Once you open the Task Manager, look bottom left side of the Task Manager window, there will be an option called More details.
  • Click on the More details option. It will open a window that contains Processes, Performance, App History, Startup, Users, Details, Services.

startup settings windows

  • Click on the Start-Up option. You will see the list of apps in it and it is status of starting as soon as you boot up your PC.
  • Look for Discord app in it. If the Discord app opens as soon as you boot up, then the status next to the Discord app will read Enabled. Also, the impact of the Discord app on the PC is mentioned along with it. Usually, the impact is found to be high on the PC.

disable discord from startup

  • Select the Discord app. This highlights the selected app. In the left bottom side of the window, you will see an option called Disable.
  • Click on the Disable option. This will disable the auto start-up of the Discord app in your PC.

Tip: You can use Method 3 to disable any app that you don’t want to auto strartup everytime the Windows boots up. 

The first method can be used only to stop discord from opening on startup of the PC. Either way, all the methods work just fine.

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Final Thoughts

Discord is a cool app for the gamers to use but the annoyance of starting on the boot up will make any user irritated. The high impact of the Discord app starting on bootup may slow the PC for some time as a lot of other necessary apps and services needs to start. The waiting period due to slowness of the PC may increase and this will to more annoyance to the user.


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