One of the fastest growing video content providers is YouTube . This most popular video sharing website does have a lot of hidden features that unfortunately is not known by most users. While there are billions of users who spend time on YouTube to watch the latest videos start tips and tricks, tutorials, movie trailers , music, even funny videos uploaded by the YouTubers. Here Are 10 Secret YouTube Tricks Every User Should Know

10 Secret YouTube Tricks Every User Should Know

Launched from various sources, there are some hidden features on YouTube that can add to the user experience and make you look PRO in using YouTube. Well, here’s Premiuminfo present 10 Secret YouTube tricks that you may not know about.

Secret YouTube Tricks You Should Know

1. Make a GIF on YouTube

Yes, you can make moving images with GIF format directly from the YouTube site.

  • For example, first go to YouTube The way Rats is using a browser from a computer.
  • Continue to select one video you want to watch.
  • Then, edit the URL address by adding the word “gif” right before the word “YouTube”.
  • Example: change it to .
  • Choose starting time and ending time and click Create Gif”, Now take your creative GIF images.

10 Secret YouTube Tricks Every User Should Know

2. Looking for Music Video Lyrics on YouTube

Want to find lyrics for music videos to learn karaoke on YouTube?You Can use a Chrome extension named Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube.

There are lyrics for over seven million songs in 32 different languages. How?

  • Open your Chrome browser on your PC / laptop.
  • Then, click the following link Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube .
  • Now the music videos you play on YouTube will feature the lyrics. Cool is not it?

10 Secret YouTube Tricks Every User Should Know

3. Watching YouTube Pop-up Views

If you want to watch YouTube with a cool look, you can do a few things, one of which will make YouTube look pop-up.

Well, what’s the result? You follow the steps how to watch YouTube pop-up display, below yes.

  • Go to YouTube using Opera browser and open one of the videos you want to watch.
  • After that, you will see there is a button in the middle position of the video being watched.
  • Next, you’ll see the YouTube view being a pop-up. Meanwhile, if in Google Chrome you can use the Application Floating for YouTube extension . Easy is not it?

10 Secret YouTube Tricks Every User Should Know

4. How to Use the Secret Keyboard Shortcut of YouTube

You probably already know if there is a secret keyboard shortcut that you can use to navigate on YouTube. But, have you applied it?

Let the more fun to YouTube, following YouTube shortcut that you have to master.

  • K = pause or play
  • J = back 10 seconds
  • L = fast forward 10 seconds
  • M = mute the sound
  • The number 0 = jumps to the beginning of the video
  • Figures 1 through 9 = jump between 10% and 90% of the way through the video.
  • “+” = Increase font size
  • “-” = Reduce the font size

5. How to Enable Dark Mode YouTube

You can access YouTube in dark mode. Then what is special? It may sound trivial to some people. However, with the dark mode, the YouTube look becomes more comfortable in the eyes and adds a cinematic impression like when watching movies in theaters.

Activating YouTube’s dark mode through Chrome’s developer tools is still possible. The following steps as reported by CNet :

  • Make sure your Chrome is version 57 or above
  • Open Chrome, access YouTube , log in to your account
  • Open Developer Tools by pressing CTRL-Shift-I
  • In the right panel, click Console
  • Copy-Paste this code: document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE” and press Enter
  • Close the panel, then refresh the YouTube page being opened. Click on right corner of my profile to view options.
  • Dark Mode you can enjoy

10 Secret YouTube Tricks Every User Should Know

6. Watch Slow Motion Videos on YouTube

10 Secret YouTube Tricks Every User Should Know

Let more interesting and dramatic, we can watch videos on YouTube with a speed that is slowed or accelerated or commonly called slow motion and fast motion . The way is quite easy, you just need to press and hold “spacebar” on the keyboard. If it does not work, you can click on the settings icon located in the bottom right corner of the YouTube player , then choose the speed you want.

7. Sharing Live Video to Specific Duration

The story you are very proud to enter the YouTube video made your friends, although only appear briefly. You also really want to show your acting to your other friends, unfortunately you appear in the last minute before the video runs out. Take it easy, you can instantly share YouTube videos and instantly rotate to the duration you set. So must start from the beginning.

  • Open a YouTube video and play, then note the time the video fits you to appear and you want to set it as your starting point. For example, in minutes to 1 minute and 12 seconds.
  • Formatnya gini, # t = 01m12s and copy , then open your video URL and add the time you set earlier.
  • Done, share the link with your friends. And will be instantly rotated in the minutes you set earlier. Cool, right? For example you can see in the following video:

8. Download Youtube Video Without Additional Software

There are many ways to download your favorite videos on YouTube, but Premiuminfo believes the following ways are the best and most practical. You do not need additional software, here’s how.

  • Go to YouTube on your computer or smartphone browser and choose your favorite video you want to download . Next, just edit the URL by adding ss before the word YouTube (like this:
  • Now hit enter and you will be directed to the web page . From there, you can choose the quality of the video to download.

10 Secret YouTube Tricks Every User Should Know

With this, you can download any YouTube video without the need for additional software. For more details, you can read the following article: 3 Excellent Ways To Download Youtube Videos in Android Mobile .

9. Playing Funny Scenes Over and over

Watch video on YouTube, keep a look at the funny scenes or romantic scenes you want to see over and over again. But, to do this you drag back and play again. Can bother, here’s a practical way so you can play the scene over and over again automatically. To open YouTube and play the video, then change the URL by replacing the word YouTube with infinitelooper or visit InfiniteLooper site and Enter the video need to Loop.

10. Watch and Watch TV-style YouTube Videos

10 Secret YouTube Tricks Every User Should Know

YouTube has a feature called Leanback , it features YouTube in a TV-style fullscreen . To navigate it you do not need to rely on the mouse but the arrows on the keyboard and enter to move video or play video. YouTube Leanback can be accessed at .

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The final word

How is YouTube’s hidden trick above, cool-cool right? Surely, can make you look really good YouTube access and add excitement when playing YouTube


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