Pokemon Go was released in Italy less than a month ago and as throughout the world had undergone a tremendous success (which many are trying to use to reap the profits). The app for playing Pokémon on your smartphone using augmented reality is not only immobilized before in the rankings of the App Store and the Google Play Store, but has also become a true cultural phenomenon, so much to be cited also by the people most Sleuth (mythical President).
pokemon go
Despite this, however, many have complained of some problems of the game: some have speculated that aliens GO Pokémon players from the real world, pushing them to do things that they normally would not, and some people even have It exploited the popularity of the app to commit crimes. The game’s main problem is, however, of a technical nature. Pokémon very GO uses the data connection of smartphones and, more importantly, it drains the battery faster. To solve this problem Quartz has proposed a few tricks to play GO Pokémon without worrying that at any moment we can turn off the phone.

Activate the “Power Saving” mode on your phone:

                                       In many phones you can activate a mode to save battery even in settings of the phone itself, such as with the “Power Save” in the iPhone. Activating this mode will block some background processes – such as receiving new emails or updating other apps – and this will play longer to GO Pokémon.

Turn off the music and sound effects:

                                  I can not really tell but one of the things that most consumes the battery of our smartphone is music. Remove the sound effects GO Pokémon could very lengthen battery life. To do so you have to go again in the app settings and remove the options you select “Music” and “Sound Effects.”

Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi:

                If you play GO Pokémon at home there is no problem, but if you go out searching for Pokémon there is no reason to keep active the Wifi and Bluetooth to your smartphone. When these are active – even if you are connected to a Wifi network or you have no connected Bluetooth accessory – your phone still periodically tries new networks and devices to connect to and consume unnecessary battery.

Off augmented reality:

                     Ok, one of the most fun things about GO Pokémon is just augmented reality. See a Pidgey or one Zubat flitting before him is a great thing but it can bring your phone from 100% to 0% of the battery in a short time. To turn off augmented reality you have to look, first of all, a Pokémon to catch. Then, before you throw a Pokeball, click on the upper right the AR button.

Turn down the brightness of your phone:

                                The most banal and obvious solutions are often the most effective. One of the best ways to save battery power is to decrease the brightness of your screen: a simple thing and with immediate effect on your hunting Pokémon.

Walk with your phone upside down:

                       Do not take us for fools, this thing really works. If while playing GO Pokémon turn the phone on the contrary, the screen goes dark and suddenly there will be only app logo visible in dim light. This trick will be useful when you have to walk many kilometers with the active app to hatch the eggs, or if you are hunting for Pokémon and do not want to be with eyes fixed on the screen.


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