Rufus is a great utility tool to use when you want to make your USB Pendrive bootable and the best thing about Rufus is it’s quick, free, portable and easy to use.So, this is a tutorial about to show you how you can make you Pendrive bootable by this software and we made it simpler for you to do it easily by yourself.
Rufus only makes your USB bootable by an image file of your bootable disc and that’s why the first thing you’ll need is a disc image file to make this bootable thing possible with your Pendrive.

Disk image is a single file which contains all your copied disc data and it’s like having a single image file which was made from a bootable windows disk and we can use it to make another duplicate bootable disc or maybe we can make a bootable Pendrive with it.

Rufus only supports the .iso image transfer to the Pendrive whatever it can be the “Windows 7.iso and if you’re thinking about to use some other disk image file extensions then that won’t gonna work you because Rufus only and only supports an ISO image files.

Requirements for Using Rufus:

  • Apple (or PC) running Windows XP or later (preferably Windows 7+)
  • Rufus application
  • ISO (supported operating systems)
  • 8 GB USB flash drive (minimum recommended)

Installing Windows Os Using Pendrive using Rufus

With such a lot of users need to create bootable USB flash drives For Windows os, it appears imperative that OS manufacturers provide an inbuilt way to create them with each DVD and CD they provide.Installing windows os in pendrive

Use Rufus to create bootable USB media

If you too are one such user looking for a solution, you can stop looking and

Download =>>>Rufus,

An open source tool to create a bootable USB drive from any bootable ISO.

Rufus is small in size (nearly 615 KB) and claims to be faster at creating bootable USB drives than most applications of its type. Rufus is also portable which means that you need not install this software to use it. Just double click on the executable file and the application will start working. Rufus also allows you to add fixes to use your bootable flash drives on older computers having BIOSs which do not support booting from them.

Steps to use Rufus To Install Windows Os in Pendrive :-

1) Start Rufus, the first option that you will see is

        Device:– It contains all your connected USB drives. If you plug in a USB drive after starting Rufus, the drive you have connected will shortly be available here.

2) You will not need to modify the Partition Scheme and target system type, as the default choice is suitable for making the USB drive work on both UEFI and legacy BIOS computers.

Create Bootable USB drives for windows os
3) Change the file system from FAT32 to NTFS- from the dropdown menu. This is the file system with which your USB drive will be formatted with. Do note that older computers will not boot from a flash drive formatted as NTFS.

4) Check the Create a bootable disk using checkbox if it is not already checked. In the dropdown menu next to it, select ISO image. Click on the button right to it to locate your ISO image.


Note that Rufus will format your USB drive deleting everything on it before making it bootable. So, make sure that it does not contain any important data.

5) Click on Start to format your USB drive and extract all files of the ISO to it.

To install the OS, restart your computer and select your USB device as the primary boot option in the BIOS boot menu.


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