How to quickly index the website to a search engine I am sure already knows a lot if not all bloggers know, but sometimes forget, to him I wrote back here in order to facilitate the search, but it can also be saved in the record your FB or stored in the PDF file, notepad or word making it easier when using

How to quickly index the website in search engines

Here are the steps that you can do to get your website indexed in search engines:

1)  Submit your website to Google Webmaster  enough for the front page URL alone. How this is done so that you are indexed by Google.

gw (1)
Google is Search Engine best and greatest, but it would not hurt if you submit to Search Engines or Meta Search Engine else, Meta Search Engine is a Search Engine that data is not taken directly from your website, but from Search Engine else, or a combination of direct and take additional data from other Search engines.

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2)  Submit your website to Multi Seacrh Engine Submit here

and can also here

3)  Archive Website, enter your website URL to see right column under the Save page now,

put your url in there then save.

4)  Log in to IMTALK.ORG and Submit your URL here

5)  Ping your URL in

To facilitate quick way index my website already include some form to submit your url to multiple search engines as follows:

SEO Company Burbank

How fast index search engine website can be used both by the blog manually or AGC, but suggestions for the web user can directly to webmaster tools google or bing, whereas for the blog AGC this way enough to survive long in the search engines, although there is no guarantee that your blog will quickly index and can last a long time.

Hopefully this tutorial helpful


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