Many factors affect this problem, but do not worry because I will provide healthy tips for this one browser so that no stress or crash. Sample images when Mozilla Firefox frequent crash is bring up a dialog like the one below.

Mozilla Firefox Frequent Crash Causes and Solutions

How to Solve Mozilla Firefox Frequent Crash Causes and Solutions:

Right away, here are some things to consider why Mozilla Firefox frequent crash and solutions. ( For the record, this speaks when in a state of normal internet connection / current)

1. Cache and History . Cache is a useful tool to speed up loading of websites that we often see, but it would be bad if the cache and history exist in Mozilla Firefox exceeds the specified capacity. Sometimes people are lazy to remove it when it is easy. Erase all your browser’s history and cache to avoid the crash, get used once a month or once a week is better.

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2. Out to Date . Out to date the opposite of Up to date was in simple language means the expiration, it occurs in some plugins and applications on your computer over time. Usually occurs in the Java application and Adobe Flash.
3. Trial Version . Applications are labeled trial or full version does not yet become a serious problem for surfing tool / browser. Why is that? Because as it is known that the application labeled this trial will always be connected with the developer server through the Internet, will indirectly share these skills with the Firefox internet connection you use. So it can not be avoided anymore when Mozilla Firefox you will experience a crash . The most appropriate solution to this problem is to change the application that it be a full trial version . Or you can remove the app if it is not too necessary.
4. Virus . When 3 points above has nothing to do with your devices, your computer may be infected are sick. Try to do a reset on your browser, please read my article on How to Do Reset Mozilla Firefox . If after resetting the browser  still experiencing morbidity, do scanning on a computer or laptop using such antivirus avira, avg or avast ( do not use local products if you want maximum ).
5. New version . Crash could occur also when the model browser is outdated. Frequently update the latest version of Mozilla’s browser, because by doing continuous updating Firefox I guarantee you will not experience the crash that interfere with your activities.


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