One of the most favorite entertainment choices of many people across the world is playing games in mobile phones. People, regardless of age, love to play games in smartphone, tablet or mobile phone. Gaming industries offer a lot of games in different genres including action, sports, racing, puzzle, adventure, and other fun mobile games. With the introduction of android and smartphones, people have started to replace laptops or computers with mobile phones when it comes to playing their favorite games. Does Mobile Ads Destroy Player Experience? Check out for more details.

Does Mobile Ads Destroy Player Experience?

Today, many well known games have become mobile friendly. It lets mobile users to play games by using their mobiles. Playing games offer mobile users a lot of good experience. If games are installed in their mobile phones, it is easy for the people to start playing games. An uninvited guest that you can observe while playing games on your mobile is mobile ads. Mobile ads have become famous and it is a best means for people to earn money online. When you play a game with your mobile phone, you can see ads interrupting your game.

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People used to take a lot of hard work to create a mobile ad but people hate the word advertising. Mobile ads are a great weapon for the business people to promote their brands, services, products, etc. A lot of business promoters make use of mobile aids in order to drive traffic to their website and improve sales. The way advertisement promoters or business people incorporate ads in mobile games is very clever and they can enjoy several benefits when a person watch their ads.

Would you agree with mobile ads that become visible while playing a game on your mobile? My answer is no. Undeniably, I will not agree with ads appearing on my mobile when I play games. So, I would like to say that mobile ads destroy the player experience. Here are some of the notable points that will help you to understand how mobile ads destroy the player experience:

Does Mobile Ads Destroy Player Experience?

1, Come As a Disturbance

Mobile ads cause a lot of disturbance to a player. Mobile ads destroy the player experience as it comes as a source of disturbance while playing game on your android or smartphone. None of the people across the world like to get disturbed when they play a game on their mobile phone, laptops, or computer. If somebody disturb us while playing our favorite game, we will become livid and we may slap them for disturbing us. You will definitely become livid upon seeing ads. You may throw you mobile away if ads appear on your mobile while playing game. Ads can disturb player experience.

2, Causes Interruption

Does Mobile Ads Destroy Player Experience?

Mobile ads bring interruption while playing games. Do you like interruption from others when you play game on your mobile phone? No, none of us like any kind of interruption while playing game on our mobile. Mobile ads can interrupt a player and therefore, mobile ads destroy the player experience. Without a doubt, there is no bad feeling than mobile ads appearing on your mobile when you start playing games. Interruption whilst playing game will make us upset as well as angry. Mobile ads present interruption to the player and people will have to remove ads to continue to enjoy their games.

3, Lose Fluency or Continuity

Mobile ads break fluency of gaming. Mobile ads destroy the player experience because it interrupts people while playing their games. Interruption leads to losing fluency or continuity. Gaming continuity is very important while playing games on your mobile phone, laptop, computer, etc. if you don’t get the continuity, you will be forced to start playing games from the beginning or stop playing games. People will definitely look to play the game from the start to end with no trouble and interruption. However, mobile ads can destroy their wish. They will also have to stop paying their games when ads come out on their mobile. So, mobile ads can tear down the overall playing experience of player.

4, Stops You Regularly

Does Mobile Ads Destroy Player Experience?

Mobile ads bring pauses to your gaming. It may stop you regularly as you proceed with playing games. Do you appreciate if someone stops you from playing game on mobile phone? No, you will not appreciate it because you want continuity as you play games. There is always a chance for us to become angry if something or somebody disturbs us while playing games. Remember that mobile ads can stop you for a while when you play game. You will be forced to stop your game when a mobile ad becomes visible on your mobile. You have to waste a few minutes to remove the ads from your mobile screen. Stopping your game a second is enough to destroy player experience.

5, Make You Furious

Mobile ads destroy the player experience because it makes them furious. Mobile ads will lead you to stop your game in order to get rid of it from your mobile screen. Most of the mobile ad developers have an uneasy relationship with mobile game players. Because it can destroy playing experience of a player and the continuity as well. Mobile ads can have an effect on the player experience in a negative way and people become furious naturally towards mobile ads. Seeing an ad in the end of a game look as if common sense, but in the hurry to make returns, many mobile game developers may not think about it and tempt to place ads near the beginning of game.

6, Nuisance

Mobile ads destroy the player experience as it comes as a nuisance to people who are playing mobile games. Mobile ads can make you irritated since you will lose fluency of playing. Ads have been present in gaming industry for years, even in the beginning mobile market, with banner ads and pop-ups. Appearing mobile ads when we play a game on our mobile is not a great experience and it is not easy for people to avoid ads while playing game as it is an integrated thing in the game pack.


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