How to make money from youtube? What Types of Video Make Large Amount of Money On YouTube? Millions of videos uploaded to youtube every day, millions of viewers also come and go to youtube page, can not be denied that youtube is where the largest video file sharing in the world.

Site founded by Steve Chen along with his two friends Chad Hurley And Jawed Karim has successfully dominate the multimedia website, after it was eventually purchased by Google with a value of US $ 1.65 billion in November 2006. And since then officially operate and Become a subsidiary of Google.Inc.

Lots of Video types that we can get on Youtube, This website is perfect for those of you who are looking for information, news and entertainment in the form of a video especially for you who are lazy to read the article.

Youtube is one source of information that you can enjoy without we must tired of reading tired, just sit sweet, prepare a snack and ready in front of your desktop screen.

10 Types of Videos Which Makes Lots Of Money On Youtube

The obvious enthusiasts or audiences and fans who come to YouTube majority (mostly) come to see the video for entertainment, this is very dominant if looking for news will feel less update. Because YouTube video is the recording that is uploaded.

But not a few also see the news through YouTube, because of time and work confiscated, it can not follow the news directly. So youtube can be an alternative, because there are also many news videos on youtube

Among the millions of videos on youtube what do you think most people are looking for by audiences? What is the most crowded in viewers? Which videos are the most favorite? This is especially important for youtubers who use youtube as a medium to earn money from the internet.

To know the trending topics that are more talked about, this is very likely to get a larger number of viewers. If you could say the motto of youtuber is “the audience a lot of money”

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Of the many videos on youtube is that much in the search by the audience even become a favorite video in flooded by the audience, thus making money for uploader.

Types of Video Make Large Amount of Money On YouTube

1. Video Music

This type of video tops the number of audience ratings on youtube, this kind of entertainment video is timeless. Every time there must be a new, not infrequently also many artists and singers in rush to register royalties and copyright claims. Call it VEVO, there are also many singer artists in VEVO.

2. Video movie

Why is it so rare now? Whereas in the small time once many scattered cinema in big city city, and including small town. It is clear that the audience is already turning to youtube, before the VCD era that had dominated the last few years. True, youtube has led viewers to enjoy enough movies or movies at home.

3. Funny video

The entertainment that is presented is sometimes simple, but the concept to entertain the person is the most important. People can release fatigue by looking at things that are funny, not infrequently can also heal stress even for a moment. This type of video has a sufficiently high viewer rating.

4. Sports videos

The number of viewers of this type of video also includes quite high, many people did not get to see live sports because of their own time. In the region of europe and america type of sports video that challenges a lot in germany, many also the youtuber from there who race to make this kind of video.

5. Video about the game

No longer a general discussion that the game is favored by all circles, both young and middle age. Game video about and many strategies are uploaded by gamers. This video became popular among other gamers.

6.The news video

As I explained above, not many people have much time to keep up with the news, some of them can only view video recordings. Usually the video presented is the warmest of videos, about politics as well as criminal events. Today many videos are boosting the number of viewers about the turmoil of the Middle East.

7. Video tutorial

This type of video is much enjoyed by people who want to learn directly, usually people will be more clear if you directly see the media and immediately practice. This type of tutorial video is very helpful for the layman. Examples of videos that discuss how to edit videos and effects, photoshop, learn guitar, blog tutorials, and more.

8. Video unique and interesting

The video also got a lot of attention from many viewers, many are interested to see this type of video. Many unique and strange things that happen in the world, not a few also record it directly and upload the video to youtube.?

9. Videos about nature and tourism

Well if this one is actually our chance to expose how beautiful our beloved country, quite a lot of foreign tourists know Indonesia just from seeing the video only.

Not infrequently before planning a holiday, be it to europe, asia, or wherever, people see relevant through video on youtube. No wonder that this type of video has audiences coming from all over the world.

Some other video that support and many views of the audience you can find. And you can start with the area around. If you have a lot of creativity does not rule out your video will make a lot of money from youtube.

But you also have to pay attention to the type of your video that can be uploaded on youtube and does not violate the policy of youtube.

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Similarly, the types of videos that have the most viewing potential and the most money generating potential, hopefully provide an idea and idea for youtuber to diligently mega upload video. And do not forget to optimize your youtube video  optimally to get more viewers.


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