Most Free  VPS Hosting Trial is used to create a bot, game servers, or to a website server. Well at times in the post I will share how How to get Free VPS Hosting trial for 14 days, is it true VPS gives his trial for 14 days? yes of course true. Specifications you get on its Free VPS Hosting Trial is,

Free Vps Trial

  • OS: Linux
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Disk: 30 GB
Vps to her it’s what gives? able to blog, game servers, or else it . For its bandwidth I do not know, I just know that, Ok Lets Go directly into his tutorial course

How to Get Over Free VPS Hosting Trial For 14 Days

1. Open Cloudways  and click GET STARTED FOR FREE
 free vps Hosting trial
2. Enter the data of your data (Email ID and passoword)
Email ID: Your email address, for example
Password:  Enter the password you want to log, sample premiuminfo123
3. If you already enter the data please click the green button
4. When you’re done, you will switch his next page like below
5. Now his next to activate your account, you simply click the chat button in the bottom right corner of the page
6. Please fill in the Name, Email (email in registered earlier) Choose a well for his department please select Tech Support and click Start the chat

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7. Have a chat with the English language, if you do not know please follow these steps
Please send a message / chat to his words Tech Support How Do I Active My Account? Later if it had been in his reply later on you will be requested data is your data,
free vps Hosting trial
8. Please enter the data his data, for example:
a. jeeva
c. Premiuminfo
d. +919600264647
e. India and Chennai
f. WordPress
g. WordPress
9. If no reply  Once your details are verified you will get the activation link on your email, please picnic eh waiting notification of its intent Clodways in your email account (maybe a bit longer)
10. If you have received, you can click on the Active Your Account Now 
12. After that you will be entered into the configuration button, please set it as you like
12. If it had been in its server configuration wait until the configuration process is finished (processing time about 8 minutes late)
13. When the process is complete, congratulations VPS ready for use!
If U have any Problem Comment Below I will try to Provide you The Step To Get Free Vps Hosting Trial From My end



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