How to download video from facebook which I will share this time also does not require third party sites that normally we have to copy the URL in advance, so it can be said that is the way most convenient and practical to download / save videos in facebook that steps could be you follow the following

how to download video from facebook

How To Download Video From Facebook On PC / Laptop Without Application

1) As a first step, please sign in to your account from URL of mobile version Fcabook
 or just click the link below langsug
2) If you have logged into FB account mobile version, please find the video you want to download FB
3)  Then click play video, let the video is played for a while and then right click on the video which will appear several choices
See sample images below
how to download video from facebook
4) The next step is to click the option save video as and appear popup to select the property / computer folder where you will store the video
5) Next click save and wait for the download is complete
6)  If the download is completed, please find the video file according to the selection folder where you save earlier

You Can also Download facebook video By using Chrome,Uc Browser

How? not very easy way of downloading videos without the application FB I described above? if still confused, please send your questions via our Facebook Fanpage
How will mobile users, is there another way to download videos in an easy and practical facebook? For Android phone users, can use Facebook video downloader app which I personally think is very easy to use even for a novice user and without any guide tutorial I’m sure you can use it. If you are interested in using facebook video downloader application, please download the application at the following link
For those of you who use mobile phones than Android, please be patient because I have not found how to download a video on Facebook that made from mobile phones than Android as well as for application downloader which is compatible with mobile phones than Android
Maybe that’s all I can explain related practical way to download videos on Facebook made of PC, computer, laptop or tablet,


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