Free Blog Promotion Most Effective and Saves Time .No blog will be successful if it is done only publish content every day, without promotion. In fact I think personally which is more important than creating content. So many bloggers who already have hundreds of content but still Few hundreds of visitors per day.

In this article, We will explain three of the most effective promotional strategies among all promo strategy that your blog. Let’s start.

How to Quickly Increase Traffic For Beginners Blog The Solution

Overview Look of Content Promotion Most Effective To increase Traffic:

Its promotional content, there are many. In this article I have discussed the contents of 13 promotional strategies. But I often get comments like this:

“How to promote my website, confused”

“All the Best ways of promotion, which is the most effective?”

Therefore, this will be my cone 3 of the most effective promotional strategies and does not take much time.

Preparation: Make a picture of the social media

Nowadays, almost Every Big Blogs use images. Certainly to display.

This is why:Best Free Blog Promotion To Increase Traffic Most Effective and Saves Time

The pictures on the website are articles shared to social media like Facebook and Pinterest.

Both were the largest contributor to Boost traffic for the blog owner (besides Google, of course). If your article does not display, or the picture is ugly, it is almost impossible to get a lot of visitors from social media. Even now on this case study blog every day there are 100-500 visitors from Facebook, but  I rarely promote.

Its not difficult for Beginners.

  • Use Canva named web applications.
  • This example Has Been Created in Just 5 minutes:Best Free Blog Promotion To Increase Traffic Most Effective and Saves Time
  • Not hard, just click, drag, tap.
  • To find the background image, use of these sites:

(paid, but the collection is far more)

  • Then uploaded to Canva.
  • Or can also continue to look for from Canva, usually the price per image $ 1.
  • After a picture for each post, will we be willing to do the promotion.

1. Paste Your links to other blogs from your article:

This is the easiest way to make our articles shared by the bloggers who already have a lot of followers. There are no secret tricks, stay put link to their articles.
For example, if you create an article about the “WordPress guide“, and one of them is the “Plugins“, then you can post links to articles that discuss the benefits of Free Plugin usage.

Something like that. Easy right? I myself always strive in every article so that at least one link to another blog for each subheading. So if there are 10 subheading there are 10 links.

After the article was published, do this:

Find a contact page or e-mail address owner contact them, tell them that you list articles in your article , if not answered, send an email follow-up five days later , that’s it. Usually out of 10 e-mail, there will be approximately 20-50% that answered. If your content is good, they will be happy to share in social media.

This is an example of an email sent by my editor:

and this is the reason

Basically, they are happy to share my articles to their audience. With this one simple strategy soon as I can get tens of thousands share of Pinterest and Facebook:

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2. Join in a popular Facebook group

Almost all niche  are there  on Facebook.Find groups that are relevant to your niche with 2 this keyword:

  1. “Groups named [topic]”
  2. “Groups about [topic]”

After that join in some of the largest groups.

Do any promotional link to the group. A good set of tightly defined. If you are in a good group, and then expelled, then you lose the potential for a big promotion. If it turned out we could not join again to the group.

Therefore, as already discussed in this article, these rules:

  • Campaign 1: 4 – 1x to 4x promotion after posting non promotional
  • The content is really good quality and contents should be of benefit to members of the group
  • There are no elements of sales

Post this non promotion can in answering questions, posting interesting pictures (corresponding topic), or just to talk.

One more tips:

There is a way that while you can also improve promotion like on your Facebook Page. The trick is first post your article on Page (not in groups), then Share this post on Page into groups.

3. Guest blogging on blogs of

Every time debating the content of promotional techniques, this one I always discussed. Guest blogging because it is very effective. In addition to traffic, we can also get quality backlinks to post promoted their positions on Google will continue to rise. This is the easiest way to get backlinks. Guest blogging is not difficult. You need to do to live thinking about some topics that are relevant to the topic of the article you want to promote.

For example:

If I want to promote post about “the list of Free wordpress plugin or free vps trial”, then examples of topics to guest blog on free vps. Thus from guest blog articles that we can put a link to the article you want to promote. If the topic is not relevant, it will show “forced”.

The way to find blogs that accept guest blogger:

  • [Topic] “guest post”
  • [Topic] “guest blog”
  • [Topic] “write for us”
  • [Topic] “guest post guidelines”

This e-mail template that you can use:

Hey [name],
I stumbled upon your blog while looking for [topic] articles, and noticed that you’re accepting guest bloggers.
The reason I’m writing to you is because I’d love to contribute a guest post on your blog. I’VE prepared three topics that I think your readers would get a ton of value from:
[Article 1 topic]
[topic Article 2]
[Article topic 3]
Please choose either one and I’LL start writing right away.
To give you some idea of the quality of my articles, here are some of the latest posts on my blog:
[Sample 1]
[Sample 2]
Looking forward to hearing back from you.
[Your name]

That’s the way to do guest blogging. Usually there are blogs that have some sort of regulation guest blogging. Make sure you read the rules first before sending e-mail. Because the efficacy of guest blogging, for every website I always make a spreadsheet to accommodate hundreds of blogs that accept guest blogger.

That’s 3 promotion strategies are most effective and time saving.


Although the monthly cost is quite high, but the benefits accordingly. Ahrefs is the most useful tool in the development blog, starting from the keyword research, content creation, content promotion and link building.


In addition to tool above, actually there are still some more tool which is also useful for content promotion. But you do not need to bother because this alone is quite enough.



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