How To Download Openload Player Videos Working Methods or oload is a web-based video, music and document storage service site. Openload provides unlimited file storage services (unlimited) with maximum file size upload rules limited to 1 GB. Here we will elaborate the methods to Download Openload Player Videos Working Methods

Another advantage of is for users who upload files on openload will get the coffers of dollars for every  download on it. In addition to being a storage area, also offers the possibility to stream directly without having to download first.

Approximately the same as free and ad-free Google Drive storage. is created to give users the opportunity to share any file for free! No paid features. Share files with friends is made simple.

Supported file formats:

  • Audio: MP3; AAC; Ogg Opus; WebM Vorbis; WebM Opus; WAV-PCM
  • Video: MP4; WebM; Ogg Theora
  • Document: .html; .php; .txt

Advantage of

  • File sharing is free for our users.
  • Only show limited number of ads
  • Access for most files

Important : The site has been blocked by the government and this file storage site has entered the list of positive internet sites because of certain reasons (certainly bad things like piracy and video adult scenes), so it can not be accessed using ordinary internet network.

To overcome this, you can use VPN or Web Proxy on gadget devices to access it. How to use it you can see in the following post. ZenMate Free VPN 3 Months Premium

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How To Download Openload Player Videos

Although the use of openload site is simple, but how to download it may be somewhat complicated for the layman who does not know the types of ads on the internet. This is a problem for anyone who does not know how to solve it.

Well, on this occasion, Premiuminfo will guide you to download Video, Audio, Document at

To download in with any file type is the same and most people download videos on openload, here Premiuminfo will only exemplify to download videos from openload. Please see the steps below!

How to Download Openload Player Videos, Evading From Ad Trap

1 . Make sure friends are able to access, a positive internet solution you can use VPN or Proxy.
2 . Open the openload movie link, for example Despicable Me.
3 . Simply click download , there will be pop up ads (new tab or window) appears.

download openload player videos

4 . After a pop up ad (new tab or window) appears. Wait 5 seconds then click the DOWNLOAD button until the movie is downloaded.

Note : When you download a video on, then it will open a new tab or window ads, just ignore it until you download the movie successfully. Why are the ads left alone? because if the ad you close, the ads will continue to appear again and again.

Download Openload Videos 9xbuddy Video Downloader

Most of time direct downloading video from openload is slower or it can’t be resumed. In such cases you can use this option to download videos faster without any issue.

  •  Visit the openload video link that you want to download from openload player.
  • Now visit the [sociallocker] 9xbuddy video downloader [/sociallocker]website .

9xbuddy openload downloader

  • Then enter the link in the field provided 9xbuddy, then click Download . Wait a few seconds until 9xbuddy finished generating the link of the movie from the openload server you were inputting.
  • If you have finished generate, scroll down a little later there is a link Download Now .
  • Wait a few seconds, if the download link has not appeared click again Download Now until the pop up dialog box as shown below.
  • Generating link process is completed, video will be saved automatically Done.

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That’s the guide to download openload player videos you can do this from Android, Iphone, Tablet, Laptop or other gadget type. So, good luck!


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