DepositPhotos is a certified and well-situated stock photography agency known for its excellent work by providing creative content and which is rising day by day. Its headquarters are set in Florida, USA and has expanded offices around the world places like New York, Moscow, and Milan. It was started by Dmitry Sergeev in 2009 and now has successfully completed its 10 great years. Here we will provide complete DepositPhotos Review in detail.

DepositPhotos Review

DepositPhotos never fails to impress its customers by providing high-quality Royalty free images, vectors and high definition amazing videos to cover your all creative needs. Stock photography is intended to be used in commercial purposes such as for buying images and videos needed for advertising, blogging,  making flyers, pamphlets, etc with the help of photo stock websites. Then why not try using a trusted platform having a library of more than 100 million files? DepositPhotos has more than 100 million files and is still growing.

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DepositPhotos Review – Free Stock Photos

Products of DepositPhotos

The DepositPhotos review is packed with a large number of products which can be used by the users of all domains. Here in this section, we have listed down the notable products of DepositPhotos:

  • High-quality mind-boggling Royalty free stock photos – These pictures by professional photographers will bring life to your visual content. Some top Searches related to this are: Asbestos, home, house, garden, coffee, computer, fitness, food, park, yoga, etc
  • High-quality free stock vector images- visit the official website and discover a wide variety of original vector images. Greatly, all of them are scalable to any sizes you just need to choose according to your need and that too without any loss in quality. Stock vectors include pictures, logos, and icons. The most popular formats are SVG, PSD, EPS.
  • High-quality mind blooming Royalty Free Stock Editorial images- If you want to give your magazine, website, article, news stories, etc a new brand look then you should definitely check out the set of editorial photos collection in DepositPhotos. This is basically for Bloggers, journalists, editors, website owners,  news agencies and many more like this. As, these are pictures of events, people, landmark or any other symbols hence they cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  • High Definition Royalty free stock videos- These footages are of about one minute used for commercial purposes such as advertisements, interface design or TV. You will be really surprised by the video quality. Videos  are available in  240p,  360p, 720p,  1080p and 4k . However, 1080p and 4k videos are relatively costlier.

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Features of DepositPhotos

The DepositPhotos comes with a lot of features which have made it a great experience for the users. Here are the most notable features of DepositPhotos:

  • Supports Multiple Languages: DepositPhotos is the microstock agency that supports twenty languages which makes it even more popular in the international market. As it attracts customers from all over the world.
  • Supports both Apple and Android: It is available on the Apple play store and as well as on the Google play store. Therefore, it has a wide reach among its customers.
  • 24×7 Customer Support: DepositPhotos has an amazing customer service and downloading speed is great. Most of the photos can be downloaded within a blink of an eye.
  • Discounts via Referrals: The DepositPhotos also has a referral program in which you can earn rewards and commissions by referring it to your clients, friends and family members. After, referring it to a new person via a custom link which they will provide your reward will be automatically transferred to your DepositPhotos account.
  • Searchable Photo Bank: This is one of the special features of DepositPhotos that is, it has a searchable photo bank because of its interesting & advanced features which help customers to search such as image recognition technology for reverse image search, keyword searching, exclusive filters and you can also choose a color, size, number of people, accuracy, orientation accordingly.

Pricing Information Of DepositPhotos

Are you mistaken by the name Royalty-free? No, here free does not mean that all images, vectors, and videos are actually free but it means that once you have bought amongst any of these plans listed below then after this you can use these pictures and footages any number of times. DepositPhotos come up with three types of plans: Flexible, Subscription and On Demand.

Photos & Vectors DepositPhotos Plan

For Images And Vectors: A special plan has been recently added for small buyers by DepositPhotos that is Flexible plan available in two terms monthly and yearly.

  • Monthly$9/month: In this, you can download 10 high-resolution pictures and vectors every month, additional images cost $1 each, your unused Images will be added to next month’s account.
  • Yearly – $99/year: Everything is the same as a monthly package, in fact, you can save 20% in this yearly plan.

Also, DepositPhotos has a subscription plan which is also available in both terms monthly and annually. They are:

Monthly Plans

  • 75 Images for$69
  • 150 Images for $99
  • 750 Images for $199

Yearly Plans

  • 75 Images/ month for $699
  • 150 Images/ month for $999
  • 750 Images/ month for $1999

An on-demand plan for images and vectors for only standard and extended licenses is also available with DepositPhotos. These plans are:

Pricing for Standard License:

  • 10 Images for $49
  • 25 Images for $99
  • 100 Images for $299

Pricing for Extended License:

  • 1 Image for $89
  • 5 Images for $359
  • 25 Images for $1599

The plans for videos of different qualities in DepositPhotos are as follows:

DepositPhotos Videos Plan

4K Ultra HD Videos

  • 1 Video for 169
  • 5 Videos for $729
  • 25 Videos for $349

HD Videos (1080p/720p)

  • 1 Video for $69/$59
  • 5 Videos for $289/$239
  • 25 Videos for $1399/$1149

SD Videos

  • 1 Video for $39/$19
  • 5 Videos for $139/$69
  • 25 Videos for $649/$319

Conclusion :

This was all the information about DepositPhotos review and it is a great platform if you are looking for photos and videos of high quality. Once you have it with a membership, it will surely be your one-stop destination for all types of images and videos.


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