What is Deep Web? Know the Dark World Inside Internet

What is a web deep? The term deep web may sound familiar to those of you who are used to using the internet to access information every day to access deep web.

What is the difference with other types of websites? If you think that deep web is the name of a site, then your answer is wrong. Because Deep Web is not a site but one part of the internet that we often use.

So if likened to an iceberg, then the website we usually access like Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, and so forth is the tip of the iceberg. While Deep Web is part of an iceberg that is submerged in the water. This means that Deep web has a larger percentage of the overall internet in the world.

deep web

Even the data released from Wikipedia says that the content is in the internet and often we encounter daily less than 5% of the total internet. Thus most of the rest are Deep Web. Okay, that’s enough of the above understanding that we told you about Deep Web. Next we will explain more to you guys about what is deep web deeper.

Understanding What is a Deep Web

What is a real web deep? Some people call deep web with various terms. Starting from Deep Net, Dark Net, Under Net, Hidden Web, and Invisible Web.

The various terms above appear not without the underlying reasons. Because although the Deep Web is still one part of the internet, but to get the content that is in it requires an unusual effort.

You can not find various websites in the deep web using search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Because of the difficulty of this search deep web is often termed as invisible web.

The term deep web was popularized by the man named Mike Bergman and is the founder of BrightPlanet. Since 2011 the amount of content that is in deep web is much more than Surface Web.

Many research databases conducted by research institutes are in the deep web. Also in the deep web there is also a variety of malicious content created by Hackers and various extreme content that can not be found on a regular search engine.

What is a Deep Web? Know the Dark World Inside Internet?

Web Surface which is a kind of web that we used as a means to express themselves and download the content inside. Although it can be used to express yourself in the web surface there is a rule that you must follow.

For example in our country of Indonesia, some prohibited content includes content containing pornography, drugs, illegal activities, and various types of gambling. If we continue to do so then the risk is a legal sanction you will receive.

But the above rules do not apply in the deep web, because the various content in the deep web can be circulated freely without any rules that prohibit.

Inside the web you can easily find content such as illegal services, drug trafficking, stolen credit cards, illegal pornography, and so on.

Not only that in the deep web you can easily find strange content such as human experiments, torture, and other terrible things. Deep web is also a very dangerous place to visit because there are so many Hackers who can steal your personal data easily.

What is a Deep Web? Is it Dangerous?

deep web

For ordinary internet users accessing the web is very dangerous to do. This is because in the deep web there are so many Hackers and various parties that can detect your existence easily when entered into a deep web.

If you guys do carelessness while accessing the deep web, then it is not impossible if the hackers can easily reveal your personal identity and steal the information you have. Deep has information that is 500 times larger than the regular web with an information capacity of 7,500 TB.

About 95% of the content in the deep web can be accessed easily without the need to register. Be careful, registering or logging in deep web will only make it easier for cyber crime to steal your personal data.

In addition to the above access the deep web will increase the risk of your computer infected with the virus. Plus a lot of terrible things for you to see there, so it is very bad for underage children access.

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How To Access Deep Web

access deep web

As explained earlier that deep web can not be accessed by using regular search engines like Google and the like. You can access deep web by using The Onion Router (TOR). Initially TOR was made as a military communication tool, where the TOR was used to keep the message conveyed and confidential.

First Stage In Accessing Deep Web

Things you need to consider when going to access the deep web is never to use the Windows OS. This is because OS Wndows has a very vulnerable security system.

Instead you can use OS Tails. Tails is an abbreviation of The Amnesic Incognito Live System, which is the development of Linux OS with a focus on secrecy and security.

Second Stage

Still thinking of accessing the deep web using Mozilla Firefox or Chrome? Stop it, the different types of browsers you normally use to access website content can not be used to log into the web. You need a special browser to access the deep web and the browser is Tor Browser . TOR Browser is a special browser created to access the deep web.

How to TOR Browser is very different from other browser types. Where TOR Browser does not directly direct to a website but passes many virtual tunnels first.

Third Stage

The third way is to use Virtual Private Networks (VPN). VPN is very useful to keep your data hidden so as not spread easily.

Why VPN can keep personal data? This is because the internet will first read data from the VPN.

The last step

The above preparation has been good enough as a safe before you access the Deep web further. Now you can start to open TOR Browser and start to access various sites in deep web carefully and carefully.

We will recommend some sites that you can use when you first use the deep web.

Use DuckDuckGo as a search engine like Google on the Web Surface. Then there is 0day Forum that can be a reliable web forum for you to use. Next there is a Hidden Wiki which is a site similar to Wikipedia specifically used in the deep web. Tier end there Jabber that you can use to chat with users who also access the deep web.

Safe Tips To Access Deep Web

After you know what is meant by what is deep web, then we will give various tips to you to be safe when accessing deep web.

  • The first tip is to use Proxy / VPN to be more secure when accessing Deep Web.
  • The second tip, do not ever login when entering the site located in the deep web.
  • The third tip is to monitor internet traffic indicators and beware of the traffic that is stealing.
  • The fourth tip is to quickly delete the history, cache after you do browsing in the deep web.
  • The fifth tip is to not store any passwords in your browser.
  • Tip sixth, do not ever download any content that is in deep web. Because the content could have been inserted a virus that can further infect your computer.
  • Tip seventh, always update TOR browser you use to access deep web. By regularly updating, the security system is always updated and more secure for you to use.
  • Eighth Tips never activate any browser plugins while browsing the web. This needs to be done because when accessing the deep web there is usually a handful of content that can not appear.

Content like this will usually require you to use certain plugins to make the content accessible.

Do not ever do this, because when you use the plug in will make your IP address and geographic information can be easily detected.

  • The ninth tip is to not install any program that is ordered.
  • The last tip is to find out more about deep web. Knowledge and information will save you from the dangers that may arise from the deep web.

The more information you have, then you can be more alert and know which sites are dangerous and which are not.

Broadly speaking, we will give you few warnings after you get to know what Deep Web is.


The first thing we will warn about is the fraudulent activity that happens in the deep web world. Fraud in the deep web there are many types ranging from stealing personal information someone, spread the virus through the existing content, and so forth.

The above activities are very commonly done by many people in the deep web, but we strongly advise you not to do the same thing as most people do in the deep web.

Selling Illegal Goods

Inside the web there are a lot of illegal goods traded. Starting from firearms, narcotics, and poison to kill someone. Various types of items mentioned above are illegal done anywhere, but not with the deep web. Buying these items is as easy as you buy gum in a grocery store.

Ease do not make you lost direction and search for various items in the deep web. Think that the type of goods will not give you any benefit. Even if you are not careful, you could be caught by cyber police due to illegal buying and selling of goods.

There was once a case of someone arrested by the FBI due to buying poison in the deep web. He did not know that the man who sold the poison was a policeman in disguise.


Various types of gambling can be found easily in the deep web. If you still think to earn money easily and do not have to bother to work, then immediately change the mindset.

Although you can finally win the gambling, the money will not be kosher for you to consume.

So think carefully!

Illegal Services

In the deep web to find unusual services will be very easy you get in it. Starting from the services of killing, torture service people, and so forth can easily you find.

Is it worth it?

The answer is no. Never use the services offered by such people. Think with common sense, whether it is worth doing or just to fulfill a demonic lust.

If the use of illegal services alone is not allowed, let alone be a party that offers services.

Rest assured that sustenance can you find in a lawful way not by various illegal methods that exist in the deep web.

Content of Torture

Scary and torture content is one of the content you can find in deep web. The content actually does not give any benefit to all of you when you see it. Even worse the various types of content is actually a negative effect on your mental.

So, do not make this type of content the main content that you will access inside the web. If you still want to access it we will not win the risk that happened.

Need to Access the Deep Web?

After the explanation of what is deep web above, you should have understood very well about what is the deep web.

From the above explanation is actually deep web is not too dangerous for you access with the terms have been well know the various preventive steps and safe tips in accessing the deep web.

It is even more important to never use the deep web for the things we have mentioned above. Such as committing a violation of the law, committing fraud, using illegal services, and so forth.

Make deep web a new science that you can get with regard to the vast internet world.

The most important thing is you need to follow the various rules and rules that exist and we have described above. So that bad consequences such as the theft of important data, the spread of viruses, and other frauds will not you feel in the deep web.

Hopefully the information we provide complete about what it is deep web can add to your horizons about the world wide internet.


  1. “Deep Web” means anything that can’t be found on q normal search engine. The deeper you go, through more layers of encryption, the darker the content becomes. Hence the Dark Web

  2. It’s funny. I just heard about the darknet about a week ago from my 14 year old son. This is the third time I have run into a mention of it since then. Isn’t that always the way? Thanks the info! I’ll leave exploring it to the more adventurous.


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