GIF Animation become one of the attractions to be made to see in the blog so that visitors understand a tutorial and instructions more easily indeed it seems interesting to me share to Internet users, many of which can be made in .gif or more in the know with animations such as screen recording application or desktop, video or PowerPoint slide whatever, depending on your any kind that would be made in gif of origin should not be made the .gif.

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How to Make GIF Animation In Videos, Powerpoint Slides Etc:

1, Click Here To download the application Click Here

2, Install The download application and Follow the below steps.

3, As here mentioned in Picture

GIF animation

                            1 Rec –  For the Record, which will be made in the animated .gif

2.To frame had already recorded

3. To edit a frame that already made

4. To record and save the results of edits

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You Can Visit the site For More detail about the software here is a GIF Animation to show how it works.

GIF animation

This Short GIF animation how their software works Great. You Could try this software . Don’t Forget to write your Feedback In comment. Thanks for Visiting 🙂


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