You wrote a file with the  word , and now I do not know how to convert word to PDF ?

If you have an old version of OFFICE you can not save your document directly to PDF.

In this article we suggest how to convert a document  word to pdf , using a program that works as a virtual printer.

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How to Convert Word to PDF Files

The PDF is a popular format and is convenient for many reasons, also because now it can be read by any device, without having to install specific programs such as  ADOBE READER . Even the webmail GMAIL integrates a reader for PDF files and lately, even the majority of operating systems such as WINDOWS and OSX.

1,   To convert a document word in pdf , we can use a free program called  PDF24 Creator or an online converter .

2,   If we decide to install the program, this will be configured on our computer as a virtual printer (see image below):

convert word to pdf file

3,     At this point, when we decide to  convert our word document in pdf , we simply go to “FILE -> PRINT”, as if we want to print, then instead of selecting the default printer, we have to select the virtual printer “pdf24” and click on the PRINT button, shortly after the conversion program will open and we can finally save our word document to PDF format.



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