PDF stands for Portable Document Format, a file format is the most popular widely used people to make ebook, as well as the form of documentation written for each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of the document, including text, fonts, graphics and other information is needed to display . So when in the open with a pdf reader app where-ever appearance or layout of the document will not change (fixed-layout). Back in the discussion as the title of this article, usually to change the contents of a PDF file such as adding text, images and others we need to use the app special editor for example Foxit PDF Editor, Nitro PDF, and others. Well here we are not using an application or software but using tools or utilities online editor, there are many sites that provide tools to Edit PDF Files Online of free and paid to the advantages and disadvantages of each. Now let’s discuss some of his on this article.

Here’s 3 Best Site To The Edit PDF Files Online :

1. Dochub.com : 

DocHub a utility sites that provide free online editor for PDF files, with a view that is simple and easy to understand so very userfriendly, well this is an example screenshot editor to see her when I try to use this site.

Edit PDF Files Online


2. Pdfescape.com

PDFescape also the site of free online PDF editor or free, and there is also a premium and ultimate member (paid). Although we use a free member no watermark, logo or tag that is added to our files. The following pdf editor to see her when I try.

Edit PDF Files Online

3. Pdfbuddy.com :

The last third is PDFBuddy, see pdf editor on this site look like my screenshot below. Pdf editor of the site is also easy to use and userfriendly as the two sites that I have mentioned above.

Edit PDF Files Online

If you’re looking for a site on which to edit a pdf file online, you can try one or the other of the three sites above.


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