Easy Way To Backup Contacts To Gmail Account

Function to import or backup contacts to gmail account which is to avoid losing contact permanently, such as damaged sim card or internal memory / external to format / reset on Android. The surplus in Android when backup contact on gmail so did not have to bother anymore to import the contact or make regular backups of contact when after reinstalling the phone. You only need to “Sign in” to a gmail account and “Auto Sync” in the Android contact you. Here’s how.

 We have faced this issue while shifting to new  mobile so we have a made a easy way to backup contacts to gmail account . So that you could use in any device at anytime without any recovery issues.
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Easy Way To Backup Contacts To Gmail Account

  1. Open the Settings tab, then select Accounts , on the My Accounts select Google.Easy Way To Backup Contacts To Gmail Account
  2. Then select a gmail account that you want to be a back up.Easy Way To Backup Contacts To Gmail Account
  3. You will find many which you can backup in your gmail account. For contacts, you select the Sync Contacts.Easy Way To Backup Contacts To Gmail Account

2nd Method:-


  • In android, all the contacts are saved in the form of .db files in

data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts.db ” location.

  • If your phone is rooted, you can go to this location, copy all the files inside the “databases” folder and save it in your cloud storage.
  • When you want to have your contacts back, just take out all those files from your cloud storage and paste them in the very location from where you copied them. If the system asks to replace the existing files then, do it.

Done, now contacts has been backed up in your gmail. For those who want to use Gmail in Android can be downloaded here, [appbox googleplay com.google.android.gm].

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