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Welcome to my Blog. I'm Jiiva, a young Blogger from Tamil Nadu(India). I have been Running this Blog from 2015 with my full effort to Help users on the Tech field and clear doubt and provide advance guides in simple methods.
Tracking Phone Number

Easy Way To Track Phone Numbers Instantly with Spyine

As smartphones become an essential tool in everyday life, the likelihood of losing them is high. They hold a lot of information. To make...
Nox player

How to Play Android Games on PC With Nox Player?

If you want to play Android games on PC, one of the easiest ways to do that is to install an Android emulator. Nox...
Fix RTC Connecting No Network Error on Discord

How To Fix RTC Connecting No Network Error on The Discord

We all know that Discord is one of the most reliable applications and it is extensively used by gamers around the world. Discord attracts...
What Is PCIe and How Does It Work

What Is PCIe and How Does It Work?

PCIe, short for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express or just PCI Express, is something that every PC enthusiast have heard of. Similarly, It's an interface...
youtube vanced for PC

Download & Install YouTube Vanced for PC (Windows & Mac)

Youtube Vanced version is one of the best version than any official Youtube version, Even Premium membership doesn't offer such features. Vanced is more...